The Ultimate Guide of Do’s & Don’t for Applying to Jobs: Part Two

If you saw my post earlier this week, you saw all of my best advice and tips for do’s and don’ts of the job application process, from when it is okay to email your recruiter to knowing what to focus on when making a decision about offers!

If you missed part one, you can find it here!

Knowing what to say, when to say it, and what is the most professional and appropriate way to get your point across is one of the hardest parts about the job and internship application process. This is why I’m providing you with templates and ideas for the best ways to go about certain types of emails and interactions with your recruiters and interviewers to seem professional, take-charge, and self-sufficient.

*Disclaimer: These are not perfect, nor are they a ‘guaranteed’ way to get you a job or internship you are trying to score. They are, however, proven and tested ways that have worked in the past! More than anything, use these as a great jumping off point for how best to interact with your point of contact during the application process, and then put your own personal spin on it!*

Use this directly after an interview or any other lengthy interaction you have with your recruiter or interview point of contact!
Use this if you were given a deadline for when you could expect a decision or a callback, and you still haven’t heard anything! Yes, it is okay to reach out!
Check out my post here on how to write the perfect post-internship thank you note and hopefully land yourself a job offer! (Or at the very least, a stellar recommendation for future job opportunities).
Like I said, these are by no means ‘perfect’, but both my friends and myself have used these templates and they are a great jumping off point for knowing how to sound professional and appropriate, while still fighting for what you want!
Good luck, and as always if you have any questions or need other advice on how to interact with companies, I would absolutely love to hear from you!

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