The World’s Greatest Hair Straightener – No Seriously!

One thing I would consider myself an “expert” on is straightening hair – mostly because I do it almost every single day, and have been since early middle school. There were people in my graduating high school class that didn’t know that I had naturally curly hair until our senior retreat, because in four years of knowing me they had never once seen my natural hair! This is definitely not a knock to curly hair, that’s just the way I prefer to wear mine!

Today I went to Ulta to buy a new straightener because *once again* my Chi straightener completely failed me, and has started to break again after only a year of use. It seems to me that Chi straighteners used to be amazing, and now they’re just made cheaply with short lifetimes. After this one broke, I decided enough was enough and set out for a replacement, where I found the world’s most incredible hair straightener.

No seriously – this thing is incredible. My jaw dropped the second I used it. It vibrates while you use it (a feature you can turn off if you want) but somehow the vibrations make your hair silky smooth! The difference was absolutely incredible. It heats up to 300 degrees in less than 15 seconds, and my hair looked like I had just gotten it done at a salon. Perfectly silky smooth, pin straight, and it took only seconds. All of my friends immediately tried it and fell in love – they’re planning on buying their own tomorrow!

And the best part? It has a THREE. YEAR. WARRANTY. That’s right – three years!! For someone like me who has been replacing one every year to year and a half, this was music to my ears.

Even if you have curly hair, you will only need to go over it once with this incredible little flat iron for it to be pin straight and ready to go. Let’s just say my morning routine just got a lot quicker…hello extra ten minutes of sleep! zzz…

I couldn’t believe I had never heard of this, so I knew I had to share it with all of you immediately. Anyone in the market for a new one, look no further! You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

P.S. They’re on sale for $60 dollars off the usual price on Ulta through December 8th! Hurry hurry!

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