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One of the biggest transitions I made when moving to the city was selling my car and embracing public transportation entirely. I’m definitely sad, I loved my car and knowing that whenever I wanted I could pack a bag and drive anywhere I wanted – but that’s still not totally out of reach and it made zero financial sense to keep a car right now. 
Luckily the train and bus system in Chicago is fairly familiar to me from years of visiting and living here last summer, so I haven’t felt as overwhelmed or list as some of my other friends. 
I’ve even started to really enjoy my morning commute (afternoon…not so much). I like that I get a 30-35 minute window once I leave my apartment to have time to myself to wake up, catch up on social media, write blog posts (like this one right now), but more than anything I love all of the time I have for reading. 
I’m finishing books on the train faster than I have time to come up with new ones thanks to my Kindle app on my phone, and I’m really struggling to maintain a list of books I want to read! (Seriously…all suggestions welcome, I’m desperate here!) 
I have, however read a couple books this summer that I absolutely couldn’t put down for even a moment. I found myself walking slower from the train to my office so I could keep reading for just a few more minutes.

Here are my favorite picks this summer:
Girl on the Train
Yes, I know everyone has been posting about this book but that’s because it’s that good. I can’t remember the last time I was so wrapped up in a book, or so unable to predict what would happen next! A lot of reviews say if you loved Gone Girl then you’ll love this book, and I can see the relation, but personally I think Girl in the Train blows Gone Girl out of the water. It was told from such a unique perspective and all of my friends have agreed, we wish we could forget the entire book just to read it for the first time all over again!

Lost Girls
I finished this book in less than a day, and believe me it is not a thin book. Set in New York City among the wealthy and beautiful, it is a mystery about the disappearance of a private school socialite and her best friend’s desperate search to figure out what actually happened that night. Anytime I can find a book that is difficult to predict until the very end, I get completely absorbed in it (not unlike Girl on the Train).

Written by the same author as Gossip Girl, Cecily Von Ziegesar once again perfectly captures the lives and minds of a group of freshman attending a small liberal arts college in Maine and the ways that their first year of college unfold and overlap with each other. To be honest, this book is a little slow-moving to start, but as the characters unfold and you learn their personalities and backstories, it gets completely addicting to see what decisions they will make about love, classes, and breaking the rules.

Did anyone else love any of these books as much as I did?! 

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