At Long Last…

I know I just did a post about my favorite fall fashion finds, but I felt that this more than deserved a solo spotlight. If you’re one of my loyal readers that has been following since my humble beginning two years ago, you may remember this post about quite possibly the cutest booties to ever exist….
After two years of waiting, hoping, and dreaming…I made my very first (and last for quite some time…) splurge purchase on myself. 
I am finally in possession of the Tory Burch Elyse Booties!! I could not be more excited – I literally danced around my office when they arrived. I think tonight I might just look at them all night while I watch TV in my apartment (I’m really not kidding, guys…)

In my defense, this was definitely not an impulse buy because I blogged about them two years ago! I couldn’t believe my luck when I found them online. They were sold out absolutely everywhere, EXCEPT for one eBay seller who happened to be selling them in my size, brand new! Definitely the work of fate. I just couldn’t resist. 
I also knew that I needed a pair of flat booties to wear to work, and based on past experiences with boots, it was a much better value to splurge and get a really nice pair than opt for cheap ones that fall apart and demand replacement year after year. These I know will last me a long time, and I’ll be much more inclined to take extra special care of them. 
I’ve already been dreaming of a hundred different ways to wear them…not a bad way to spend my day-dreaming time on the train!
Off to go stare at my new favorite shoes some more…*sigh*

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    September 9, 2015 at 11:30 am

    What a great purchase, they're something you'll have forever because they'll never go out of style. I love the metallic style on the heel.

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