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The Office: Glamorous Edition

Before I had even started work, I had already spent countless amounts of time day dreaming about how I was going to customize and personalize my desk space in the office. There is an adorable little paper shop in Lincoln Park called Paper Source that has everything – and I mean everything paper…wrapping paper, stationary, cards, notebooks, planners…It’s a Type-A Wonderland!
I can’t help but stop inside any time I’m near that section of my neighborhood, even if it’s just to look at all of the beautiful organized shelves upon shelves of colorful papers. I waited a couple weeks before starting to actually decorate my desk (I didn’t want to be that girl that was making herself right at home before training was even finished!) 
Finally after about a month and once I was officially done with training and ready to hit the ground running, I knew that getting a couple new office supplies would be just the thing to help get me motivated to start my very first full-time job (what?!) hitting the ground running.
I definitely went a little bit overboard…but I really do get a little boost every day when I get to my desk and use notebooks, folders, and see my decorations when I get to my desk! Here were some of my favorite finds…but between you and me I have a feeling I will be returning sooner rather than later!
 I couldn’t believe it when I found this entire set of gold foil art prints for only $8! I decided to hang up “Living the Dream” in my desk because it seems the most fitting and motivating to keep chasing after my career goals and dreams for the future. It’s a great reminder to smile at work and realize how lucky I am.

This tiny little metallic gold notebook is absolutely perfect for carrying around to different meetings, trainings, and for general To-Do Lists everyday at work. I’ve already used up an entire one in just a couple weeks – good thing I bought a couple – and they were on sale!

This notebook is much bigger and is perfect when I have larger projects and tasks that I need more space for. I love seeing it on my desk every day – it’s so simple and clean, and of course matches the gold metallic theme I’m obviously focusing on!

 This little gold metallic polka dot notebook from Kate Spade is so adorable too – I love the pop of color when I open up the inside!

And of course, I couldn’t pass up this adorable pack of polka dot file folders – they were the perfect final touch to decorating my space (for now, at least…). Will buying “back to school” supplies ever stop being fun?! I think soon I might even consider adding a small desk lamp for warmer lighting, or maybe some twinkle lights!
And for those curious minds…here is a picture of my new office space – it may be a cubicle, but now its my cubicle!
(my apologies for the poor lighting/glare…offices don’t exactly have the best photography lighting!)
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    August 24, 2015 at 11:32 am

    I think making your cubicle or desk at work fun is an essential. My desk is filled with pictures, prints and plants and a comfortable work environment keeps me motivated.

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