Letting the Dust Settle

Whoa…where to begin?! First of all, huge apologies for my complete and total hiatus this summer. I think I underestimated what an adjustment these last three months would be. Without diving into an overly long explanation of where the heck I’ve been, I’m going to try to decompress my whole life this summer into a small overview, and follow up with some posts with more details and pictures!
(Definitely most excited to share my new apartment in CHICAGO!)

After graduation (*still crying*), I spent two lovely weeks in Louisville with family and friends to catch up and rest after a whirlwind semester of never wasting a single moment.
Then I packed up my entire life – literally…from three different houses and storage locations – into a truck and made the trek with my Dad to Chicago and into my very first apartment in the real world!
Fast-forward through a month of unpacking, IKEA frustrations, decorating triumphs and epic failures, and some very much needed R&R in my favorite city ever. I explored, joined a gym, nailed down a routine, and got settled in my new home.
To be honest…I’m still waiting for Chicago to genuinely feel like home the way Oxford and Louisville have felt to me in the past…but all in good time, I suppose!

In July I started at my very first big-girl job, and I have been absolutely LOVING it. It seems nerdy to say that I love working an all-day, corporate job of emails, meetings, sales and stresses, but I really do! Keep an eye out for a post on advice and observations I’ve made in my first few months of working in the real world. 
I finally officially feel like I have a very set and healthy routine during the week and on the weekends, although I think I still have a little bit to learn about ways to keep things interesting, fresh and exciting. And with that feeling of contentment, I knew I was finally prepared to take back on one of my favorite parts of routine – blogging!
I’m still working on balance, so for now you can expect about two posts a week from me, but I have a literally endless note going in my iPhone about post ideas I’ve been jotting down every time I’ve felt inspired this summer, and the city has definitely been an inspiring place!
Can’t wait to get back in touch with all of my amazing readers and fill you in on where life in the real world has taken me so far!
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    August 18, 2015 at 11:18 am

    It sounds like you've had a really busy summer. Chicago is my favorite city in the world, so many fun things to do there. Good luck in your new home.

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