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Cheers to a Budgeted New Year

Anyone who knows me will tell you that there is nothing I love more than a little glitter. Sparkles, in my opinion, are always appropriate. I am definitely guilty of buying into all of the hype of New Year’s Eve specifically because I can’t imagine not loving something that is filled with champagne, sparkles, and of course…that perfect sparkly New Year’s Eve dress!
Having purchased a small handful of New Year’s Eve outfits in recent years, I have learned one pretty important lesson – the dress, much like the rest of the entire holiday, is just another piece of New Year’s Eve that tends to be more than a little overrated. 
I have definitely loved some of my outfits in past years, and there are some that I really do wear all the time to this day! But those really sparkly dresses, the ones that you buy knowing full well that they’d never be appropriate for any other normal event…those are worth some hesitation.
People set so many resolutions this time of year – exercise more, eat healthier, try to learn yoga, and another big one: spend less money! So how strange is it that we kick off these resolutions going to fancy parties where we eat too much, drink too much, and waste a bunch of money on events and dresses?!
This year, I’m not “buying” into all the hype. If you feel the need to buy a new dress, go for it! But try to make sure it’s something you’ll wear often, and well past the actual holiday. Instead of paying some absurd fee for an “all you can drink” party, try hosting a small gathering with your friends somewhere that doesn’t cost you a small fortune. At the very least, if you buy a dress because you just can’t live without that sparkle, look into selling it online afterwards and earning some of that cash back!
This year for New Year’s Eve I’m celebrating with a full wallet and my closest friends.
Cheers to that!
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    December 30, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    I definitely agree about the dresses, they can be a bit unrealistic for the rest of the year so its important if you buy one to go with a cheaper one that won't break the bank!

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