Fashion Find: World’s Greatest Leggings!

I have officially found the greatest pair of leggings – ever. I know, everyone has their tastes and there are tons of different types I love, including Lululemon and my go-to pairs of ultra-thin cotton leggings from White House Black Market. But trust me when I tell you, this pair is the best (and cheap!)

I actually ordered these by accident online when I was trying to replace one of my ripped pairs of cotton leggings from White House Black Market. I received them in the mail today and I was pretty upset to realize these leggings were much thicker, heavier, and a slightly different fabric. I started to furiously stuff them back into the back before I retreated to looking up their return policy when I realized these could actually be exactly what I need.
These leggings are significantly warmer, a little tighter and more form-fitting like my Lululemon pair, and they have lines in the back to make them look like a pair of riding pants (similar to these leggings from J.Crew) which my housemate Kendall pointed out made them a much better option for nicer shirts and sweaters because it gives them a cleaner look. 
After trying them on, I fell in love. They’re thicker, warmer, cheaper, and tighter…they look nicer and resemble the feel of my Lululemon’s without looking like athletic gear either. Essentially…they’re perfect! And the best part is they’re only $48, but they are always having sales on their leggings so check back regularly! (I’ll be sure to post about them whenever I get emails as well!) They’re awfully similar to the ones from J.Crew, except personally I find these significantly more comfortable and they just feel better.
You can find these magical leggings here, they are the ‘Signature Leggings’!
Has anyone else worn these or found a pair of leggings they’re really loving lately?
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    October 16, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    We have a White House Black Market in my area but I always forget about it, I will definitely pay more attention and check out their leggings!

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