Spring Break Recap!

I think I am still a little bit in denial that spring break is over…but I had the most amazing time! This year I traveled (aka tirelessly drove 13 straight hours) down to Gulf Shores, Alabama with 9 of my best friends to a house we rented for the week! 
Oh yea, and about 400 other kids from our school came too! Miami essentially took over Gulf Shores for the week, but we all had a blast and everyone had houses right next to each other all the way down the beach!
We didn’t do anything too special besides enjoy some sun in the beach, some margaritas, and a few fun nights out for some delicious seafood! It was so nice to not have any school stresses and just enjoy some finally warm weather! Here are some fun pictures of our trip!
How was your spring breaks?! I would love to hear where you went!
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    curtis03 Lewis
    August 10, 2017 at 8:11 am

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