Peep Show

Happy Easter! I hope all of you are finding a fun way to celebrate, or at the very least enjoy this beautiful Sunday! For me, Easter has always been a great excuse to put some peeps in the microwave and watch them grow (some kids never grow up…) but the Washington Post has found a much more useful way to utilize our favorite Marshmallow Snack – A Peep Diorama Contest. 
These Dioramas all show major moments of the past year, from “Despeepable Congress” to “Zero Peep Thirty”. Here are some fun videos and photos of my favorite models. 
                              “Peeps Chili Bowl”                                    via
                              “Despeepable Congress”                             via
And by far my favorite…
                                      Peeps DryBar!                                    via
See more of these incredible dioramas at the Washington Post website here, and comment below which one is your favorite! 

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