Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

I refuse to do a sappy Valentine’s post, and I also refuse to do a post about hating Valentine’s day. All I want to say on this pink-filled chocolatey holiday is that these cards are HYSTERICAL and soooo something I would buy if I had someone to give them to. I wish I had found them sooner so I could have bought them for all of my lovely housemates because it’s perfect for the kind of relationship we all have.
They’re a little hard to read, but they say:
“I’d Kill (to be with) You”
“I Hate (when) You (are not with me)”
“(I Would) Go To Hell (and back just to see you)”
“(When) You’re (not with me) A Pain (runs through my heart)”
If anyone knows where I can buy these delightful cards I found on Pinterest please fill me in!!

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    February 14, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    Love these, funny cards are always my favorite!

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