January Semester Wrap-Up

Earlier this month, I mentioned to all of you that my school has decided to do a three week long semester during the month of January where students can study abroad, get internships, take classes, or (if you’re like me) force yourself to come up with remarkably creative ways to stay productive. 
My plan was to work out excessively, try cooking new recipes off of Pinterest and other websites, spend a lot of time working on this blog, read more books, and tackle an overwhelmingly large cleaning to-do list I created while down in Florida with my family for the holidays. 
I’m happy to say I actually made pretty good progress! (Okay, admittedly there were definitely one or two days in there that I didn’t get out bed before 3p.m… guilty as charged) But I rationalized small doses of laziness by realizing that when else in your life are you going to have an entire month off where you literally have zero responsibilities or obligations? Never. 
I have learned how to cook some really healthy and easy dishes that I’m looking forward to making all semester long, I stuck to my workout plan pretty well (although it is by far the most time-consuming and muscle-aching workout I’ve ever done in my life!), and I have definitely devoted a lot more time to cleaning, blogging, and reading. Instead of rattling on about everything I have been up to, I am going to sum up my J-Term activities to you through pictures! Enjoy!
 Lots of crafting, cooking (and eating), and meeting a new furry friend during an impromptu trip to Louisville!
Running into my friends in Oxford uptown, more crafting, and of course more cooking!
Playing with this little fluffball named ‘Bourbon’, a super intense workout regimen, and the finished product of a feast whipped up by me and my friends!
All in all, despite some epic boredom and a couple cooking mishaps and exercise-induced injuries, I definitely feel like I at least made the best out of my time off from school and I’m ready to get back into a real routine!
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    January 28, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    Staying in bed until 3pm every once in awhile is good for the soul (or at least thats what I'll keep telling myself, haha!).

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