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Playlist: Good Morning, Sunshine - PrepEssentials

Playlist: Good Morning, Sunshine

I am not a morning person. End of story. It’s not as if I will go into a blind rage if someone wakes me, but its really best if I am just left to my own devices for the first 10-15 minutes upon waking up. I feel so out of my element when I first get up, and the fact that I don’t drink caffeine means that sometimes it takes me a little while longer than others to really get going and feel up to a conversation.

With school schedules finally sinking back in, and the typical college sleep deprivation is starting to catch up to us, rolling out of bed is pretty much the last thing anyone wants to do.

I try to play music whenever I get up to help me ease into my day and mentally prepare for what’s ahead. This playlist is my go-to whenever I am having a particularly slow morning – I’ve been testing it out for a few weeks now and I love it! It starts off gentle but gradually eases into a pretty great wake-up playlist for getting your day started on a happy, light note. You’ll be awake and dancing by the end of it! (Ok maybe not on a Monday, but you’ll be in a better mood than when you started!)
As always, happy listening. And good morning 🙂

I know the list is a little hard to see, just in case I am including it again down here! Sorry for the repetitiveness, just didn’t want any confusion but I did my best!!

1. Walking on a Dream – Empire of the Sun
2. Feel Again – One Republic
3. Upside Down – Jack Johnson
4. Best Day of My Life – American Authors
5. Good Morning Sunshine – Alex Day
6. On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons
7. Love Today – Mika
8. Good Day – Nappy Roots
9. The Queen and I – Gym Class Heroes
10. Are You Gonna Be My Girl – Jet
11. Magic – B.O.B.
12. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry
13. Waving Flag – K’naan

And a little bonus, because I just couldn’t resist! Every time I hear Upside Down by Jack Johnson I get the biggest smile on my face because it reminds me of the opening credits scene in Curious George: The Movie. Judge if you want, this movie is the most adorable thing ever and I totally fell in love with this song when they played it at the very beginning. (Plus I’m secretly a five year old…) I think that scene was the reason I even bothered watching the rest. I couldn’t find a video of the actual scene, but this music video is pretty darn cute – maybe it will put a smile on your face on a particularly rough morning 🙂


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    J. Parker
    August 28, 2013 at 7:48 pm

    Hah oh wow, I ALWAYS think of Curious George whenever I hear Upside Down, too! Like seriously, without fail. So good!

    I think the only thing that could have made this playlist any better would be the addition of a little One Direction… Call me obsessed! 😉

    j. parker

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