New Year, New Room

In college, your bedroom is your entire home (especially when you live in a dorm). That is the only space you can call yours, and being confined to such a small living area can really make you go crazy. There are some of my favorite tips and ideas I have come up with over the years to help you keep your room feel fresh and exciting all year long!

(PS This picture is the quad I lived on last year…most beautiful campus ever!)

1. First of all, no one loves Christmas or Christmas lights more than me – no one. Naturally I would be behind any plan to keep Christmas decorations up year-round! In all seriousness though, in the two years I have spent at college my absolute favorite rooms have been ones strung with white Christmas lights. It has such a peaceful and calming effect on the rooms – it really makes them feel like a little oasis. Turn those awful fluorescent dorm lights off, flick on your white Christmas lights, light some candles and watch a DVD in bed. You will seriously feel like a new person. I know I am planning on hanging these up all over my dark basement room in my house this year!

2. When you don’t have much space to work with furniture-wise, accesorizing is the next best thing! Adding a couple adorable throw pillows to your bed will give it a polished feel that will make you feel much more at home. Check out some of my favorite throw pillows here!
3. I am totally a jewelry hoarder. The past two years there has been more jewelry on the shelves of my dorm desks than actual books – sorry Dad! I love displaying jewelry out like its art. Right now I use two gorgeous little dishes from Anthropologie, a cheap little quatrefoil patterned dish from Michaels craft store (found it in the dollar section, woo!) and a little plastic necklace holder to display all of my statement necklaces and bracelets. For my earrings I painted a wooden jewelry box pink and green a couple years ago and I can’t seem to part with it! 
4. Probably the most obvious decoration in college – pictures. Most people make collages but I think it’s nice to have 2 or 3 actual picture frames on your desk of the people most important to you! (Plus its a great excuse to buy some seriously adorable frames like this one!)
5. Craft it up! A mirror is a must-have, and if you’re gonna have one you might as well make it cute!! I made this sparkly mirror for my little last year with some mod podge and gold glitter and I loved it so much I had to make one for myself! It’s a great way to add a little pop to your room – and it will make you feel much more glamorous when you’re getting ready for those dreaded 9 am classes…ugh

6. This is a great little trick especially if you have a roommate! Freshmen year I bought two little white wooden letters, one for me and one for my roommate. I painted each one in a different color with a cute polka dot pattern. We hung up one of those dorm-safe command hooks below each one and put them on our respective sides of the room right by the door! It was a great spot to put our keys and it helped us never leave them behind! Cheap, easy, and oh-so-cute. 

7. I actually saw these tissue pom poms in my sorority suite when I rushed as a freshmen, and then again in the Lilly Pulitzer store a few months later. I knew I just had to have them – but the good news is, you can make them yourself! This has to be the cheapest craft I have ever done! Just a little tissue paper folding and some string and you can really make your room feel like home. (Plus it puts a little prep in those super drab ceiling tiles every dorm seems to have…) love this idea!

8. As you know from my essentials of the weeks posts, I have a very short attention span at times. I get bored with my room and re-arrange it probably at least two or three times a month, switching little things around until I feel like I have a change of scenery. Having a spare set of sheets with a different pattern is a great way to satisfy that need for change with minimal effort (and a lot less pushing furniture). It gives your room a fresh new look and it only takes a few minutes!

Hope these tips help! How do you decorate your room at school?

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