Road Trip

When you’re in college, road tripping is like a rite of passage. Summer adventures with friends to music festivals, or to visit friends in their hometowns, or even a little beach reunion with your closest sorority sisters – the travel never stops! This summer has been no exception for me; I have planned trips for literally every single weekend this entire summer leading up until I go back to school. I guess I have been a little bit college-sick (Is that a real thing?) As much as I love Louisville it just doesn’t give me the energy that being at school does, surrounded by constant events and people.

Seriously though, now that I am a junior I find myself constantly missing my friends from school (not that I don’t absolutely love my friends at home, they’re the best!) I just can’t help but feel like there are such better ways to spend the summer than sitting on a couch in Louisville watching TV like I’m in high school again.

Maybe I’m just starting to outgrow my hometown a little bit – I constantly feel a pull to go to bigger cities like Chicago and New York just to experience something new and a little bit more exciting. So far this summer I have gone to the lake several times and I just finished an amazing visit with my little, Courtney, in Detroit and a family vacation in Traverse City, Michigan! Currently I am packing for my upcoming trip this weekend to Chicago to visit some friends who just graduated, another trip back to Oxford, and hopefully I will squeeze another trip or two to the lake again before I head back to school for good.

Or maybe its just envy of my many many jet-setting European adventurer friends who are all busy living it up on their study abroad trips (something I had the fortune of experiencing last summer). Regardless, I have definitely developed a serious obsession with summer travel and road tripping. What better way to spend time with your friends than in a car with the sunroof open, the summer sun beating down on you and some good music to pass the time? Sometimes getting there is just as exhilarating as the destination.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”
PS Be on the lookout for a great summer road trip playlist and a guide to packing your car for the perfect road trip!


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