Let It Go

The ability to simply let go is one of the hardest behaviors to learn, in my opinion. For some people (like me) it is harder than for others. I am cursed with becoming easily attached to things and never wanting to let them go, even when I should.

I don’t think anyone can truly master the art of simply letting go and letting life happen. It is human nature to try and control and manipulate everything around us, because we all like to believe that we are the drivers of our own destiny. Maybe we are, but I am a firm believer in fate and its ability to change as we do.

So how do we distinguish the difference between stepping back and relinquishing control, and giving up? To me that feels like the invisible line that I am constantly in fear of crossing. If I stop pursuing something I truly desire because it just isn’t happening, does that mean I am giving up? Or does it mean that mean that I am simply learning to let go and let life happen? I think my fear of giving up too quickly on something I want will prevent me from ever really being able to recognize the difference between the two.

I’m constantly seeing quotes on Pinterest that seem to be having the same conflicting battle. Half of them tell you that sometimes things end to make way for new beginnings, and half of them say that you should never, ever give up on something you truly want and that you will be rewarded for your persistence, and that life is too short to not take the reins.

The control freak in me makes it seem nearly impossible to trust that things will fall into their proper place, but I’m still trying to learn! So far the best advice I’ve gotten is to keep living your life as much as you can, staying busy and pursuing the dreams that are within your reach until it becomes clear to you which ones you should let go of. 

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