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Essential(s) of the Week 2 - PrepEssentials

Essential(s) of the Week 2

Well, two weeks have passed and as per usual my attention span for things I’m currently obsessing over has run out! So now I have a new list of things that I am currently in love with that are essential to my life -and sanity – just about every day!

(Seriously, I wasn’t joking last time. I really do have a two week attention span with these things. It’s bizarre)

So here they are, the latest obsessions and essentials of the week(s)!
1. Bumble and Bumble Prep. I literally never use any product whatsoever in my hair besides shampoo and conditioner – my hair gets oily way too easily and I like to leave it alone if I can. But this spray is actually amazing! Use when your hair is damp or almost dry, just a couple sprays, and it will protect it from heat and split ends without adding oils to your hair! ($20 seems a little steep but you only use a teeny tiny bit, trust me it lasts a long time!)
2. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller. With all of the traveling I’ve been doing on top of the fact that sleep is a rare thing for me, I am so happy I found this product. Super cheap at any drugstore, and the always-cold temperature of the roller gets rid of puffy eyes in the morning and leaves you feeling refreshed. 
3. My new infinity necklace! I have had an obsession with the infinity symbol ever since that show Revenge came out on ABC, but the one thing I have never been able to find was the perfect infinity necklace! (I hate when necklaces are too short, I feel strangled.) I found mine in Michigan at a great little boutique called Haystacks and I am in love! (Check out their website – their stuff is amazing! Especially jewelry)
4. I am one of those people constantly making lists – To Do Lists, Packing Lists, Things I Want to Try, etc. With school creeping around the corner I have a lot of lists to make to get myself ready and all packed to go! These notebooks from Target are so adorable and super cheap – only $4! I have one in my purse at all times right now.
5. Skinny Pop! For the past few years I have completely written popcorn out of my diet, even at movie theaters. Skinny pop is amazing though! Its light, healthy (no seriously – it doesn’t have anything artificial!), lowfat, and comes in little snack sized bags so you don’t overdo it. Movie night just got a lot yummier.
What things are you loving right now?
PS I have decided to make this a bi-weekly post for this blog, so look out for it every other friday!

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