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The Pinterest Cycle

Let me start this post by stating: I can not cook. It’s not as if I burn cereal, but I certainly don’t get more complex than spaghetti and a salad. Naturally I don’t let this stop me from pinning every single delicious looking recipe I can find on Pinterest, somehow convincing myself that I am both capable and willing to attempt it someday really soon. Right.

Do people every actually make the things they pin to those food boards? All mine ever does is make me feel hungry, and then make me feel lazy because I know that I’m not going to go buy those groceries or actually cook anything. Then I end up snacking on everything in sight to cure my hunger, feel miserable afterwards, and start pinning workout routines that I will never end up actually trying. Essentially this board only causes damage to my self-esteem, but I will never stop pinning to it. It’s really a destructive cycle. (Cue a bowl of cereal or ramen noodles in my dorm room while I bury my head in shame…) 

This summer I am determined to make at least five things from that board before I head back to Oxford in August. And…(drumroll please) I finally did it! A couple weeks ago two of my close friends and I went to the grocery and bought our supplies and actually made a very delicious and healthy meal!! (Granted, I was on crutches and thus not very helpful, but that’s a story for another time). 

The guy behind the meat counter clearly thought we were complete morons while he watched us attempt to figure out how much salmon to ask for. We had to adjust the size about 5 times before it finally looked right to us, and he could not stop laughing. I guess we aren’t what some people would call “domestic”. Next we rounded up some vegetables to grill (mushrooms, peppers, squash…YUM!) and we set off on our mission.

I was put in charge of the cocktails (big surprise there). We cut up all of the vegetables, made a mango avocado salsa from scratch for the salmon which was to die for, and attempted to master the grill. It was absolutely delicious! I couldn’t believe it. I think it was the best meal I have had all summer, and trust me, my parents can seriously cook.

Maybe this meal will motivate me to keep making some recipes from my Pinterest board soon…fingers crossed!!

Have you ever made a recipe off of Pinterest that you loved? 
P.S. I am attaching links to the recipes we used to this post, I highly recommend it!

Avocado Mango Salsa


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