Mid-Year Reflection – How to Make Sure You’re Making the Most of 2018

.Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had as wonderful and restful weekends as I did! I love coming up to my parents’ cottage, and it always goes by way too quickly. I’m hoping to come up a few more times before winter comes around!


Last night while we were wrapping up dinner I realized that August is just around the corner, and still can’t believe we’re already halfway through 2018! I think I’ve had more life changes happen these past 6 months than in some entire years combined, so I can only imagine what the second half has in store for me.


I’m working on writing a longer post talking about some of the biggest changes and updates coming soon, but for now I wanted to use this post to help all of you reflect on youpast year and make sure that you’re on track to achieve whatever you’re hoping to before 2019 begins!


I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions (more on that here), but I know a lot of people set those goals in January, and that they often fall by the wayside fairly quickly. Rather than resolutions, I like to start my January off thinking about the highs and lows of the previous year, and how I plan to make changes. Now is a perfect time to think back on those goals and figure out which ones are still important to you, how you’ve been doing on those, and why.



Here are some of the things I’ll be focusing on controlling within my life and the next six months ahead. Hopefully it will help inspire you to do the same! If you weren’t here when it was originally posted, these questions are always incredibly helpful at pointing me in the right direction and getting my life on track! I wasn’t planning on sharing my answers, but thought it could be fun to get a little more personal this time around.


Mid-Year Reflection & Resolutions

  1. What were the top five moments of these last six months?
    • Visiting Prague & Vienna, Derby with my friends and family, Puerto Rico to see my cousin, 4th of July in Chicago with family and friends, and the cottage in Michigan (talk about a major travel theme!)
  2. What are you most proud of? Most disappointed about?
    • I am the most proud of how much I’ve grown and learned, and embracing my independence more than ever.
    • Disappointed about friendships that have fallen by the wayside over the years.
  3. What is the biggest lesson you learned – and how have you changed since then?
    • Your own happiness should be your number one priority, and you should always be realistic about what you’re doing. Only do things that will make you the happiest and be true to yourself. I’ve changed my entire lifestyle since I’ve re-focused on this lesson!
  4. What did you spend the most time stressing about? Was it worth the time you spent doing so, and how did it work out?
    • I am constantly spending time stressing about work and hitting my numbers. Whether I have or haven’t, things always turn out okay in the end. I think it’s okay to feel stressed in those situations…but to allow these feelings in only momentarily and then let them pass to shift your energy.
  5. What were the three activities you did the most in your free time? Did they make you happier, or do you feel like that was time wasted?
    • Traveling, reading, and spending time with friends. All of these absolutely made me happier!
  6. Who did you spend the most time with? Was that time enriching to you, or draining?
    • Hard to say with all of the traveling!
  7. What did you really think would happen these past six months that hasn’t yet? Why not, and how can you make it happen now?
    • Honestly still need to spend some more time reflecting on this one myself.  It’s safe to say that my year looks completely different than I ever imagined!
  8. When do you feel you were the best version of yourself?
    • Starting to sound like a broken record here, but I’ve never felt more in my element than when in Prague.
  9. What money was the best spent, and what money was wasted?
    • Money spent traveling has been worth every single penny and more. I could definitely have cut back on so many brunches and nights out in the city!


Hope you enjoyed that closer look at my year and how I’m planning to make the next 6 months even better!






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