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Essentials of the Week | Internet Findings from July 2018

Essentials of the Week!

essentials of the week | July 2018

Happy Friday, everyone! I don’t know about you guys, but I felt like a new person this week. In the last few weeks I was feeling so stressed, frustrated and like nothing was going my way. I was totally hating what it was doing to my mood and energy! Clearly my weekend with my family at the cottage in Michigan came at the perfect time because I feel so much better and clearheaded.


Sometimes taking a little break, stepping away from your usual surroundings and just getting some time to relax and decompress can feel like a miracle cure. Here’s hoping I can incorporate more breaks before I get so close to that snapping point again…yikes!


Thankfully I’m heading into another amazing weekend spent with family and friends, including (somehow) my first Cubs game this year! Definitely need to get to the field more often before it gets too chilly. What are y’all up to this weekend??


Here are my essentials from this week to kick things off on a high note:


One of my favorite shots from this weekend – already counting down the days until I go back!


one | knowing when and how to take a break

Obviously a very timely post, given what I posted above! I loved this article talking about knowing when you need to give yourself some space and let things settle. It’s exactly how I was feeling, and I think it makes some really important points about cutting yourself some slack!


two | being more open on mental health

In a somewhat related topic, I stumbled across this article detailing Michelle Williams’ openness and candor regarding her seeking of mental health assistance. I know that in the last year mental health has seemingly been getting a much-needed moment in the spotlight, but I always think its worth sharing perspectives like this on why it shouldn’t be such a taboo topic. Kudos to her for owning her life and struggles!


three | Vogue Meets Nike

I was cracking up at this video ad where Anna Wintour, the ultimate beacon of fashion approval, paired up with Nike on a new “Vogue-approved”pair of Air Jordans. (I’ll be honest, I actually think she shoe is pretty ugly, but I still loved that Anna Wintour did the ad – I love seeing glimpses into her true personality behind the ice queen stereotype!)


four | the perfect summer stripe dress

I’m always on the hunt for a great t-shirt dress that I can wear for anything and everything. This one definitely fits the bill! It’s super lightweight, and you could easily style it different ways to mix things up. Stripe dresses are in my top five essentials for summer, always!


five | the beginner’s guide to retinol

I’m certainly not an expert on skincare – as discussed here and here – but I’ve been working on learning as much as I possibly can now that I’m 25. That’s why I loved this simple beginner’s explanation to retinol. I feel like there are SO many articles and conflicting opinions of what works and doesn’t, and this breaks down all the confusion.



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