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Essentials of the Week + Quick Life Update - PrepEssentials

Essentials of the Week + Quick Life Update

Whew…it’s been a little while since we’ve had one of these, huh?! Things have been so hectic (per usual when its summer in Chicago!) between traveling, working extra hours, and trying to re-discover a little thing called sleep.


That’s why I thought I’d start off this week’s Friday post with a quick little life update! You’ve already seen some glimpses into my recent travels on my Prague Recap post (If you haven’t, definitely go check it out!) but there have been a lot of other major changes going on, too. My new roommate, Kate, moved in and we’ve been re-decorating most of the apartment – I can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with!


Only a few more weeks till everything will be in place and then I’m planning to do a big reveal post, including my bedroom. Up until now, I’ve only shown bits and pieces of that, so I’m really excited to share the finished results!


I’m planning to do a quick post sharing snaps from recent events, weekends, and what I’ve been up to in general, also. I’m currently working on a big overhaul of the content you see here on the blog, so if you have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them in the comments below!


With that, I’ll go ahead and share what my essential have been from this week to get your Friday started off on a high note and send you into a hopefully sunny and fun weekend:



If Sex and the City Men Were on Tinder |

I love re-imaging some of my favorite older shows in modern times. The idea of Sex & The City in the era of dating apps, bizarre 2018 dating behaviors like “ghosting”, and all of the various ways we can keep tabs on each other sounds hysterical to me! I loved this imagined mockup of what the men from the show would post on their dating profiles.


The Summer Show You Should Binge-Watch |

One of the first things Kate told me when she moved in is that she had never seen The Bold Type and I couldn’t believe it! I randomly found the show when it premiered last year, and have been counting down the days until season 2. It’s already so good – definitely add it to your list of shows to binge-watch this summer! (You can find it on Freeform or on Hulu!)


What It’s Like to Take a Month Break from Reality |

Obviously, this isn’t always an option for everyone and every circumstance. But I’ve been gearing up for some truly massive changes in my life this time next year, and I loved reading this woman’s perspective on what it’s like to hit stop on everything – and all of the things she learned along the way! What would you do if you could take a year off from everything in your life right now?


Re-Structure Your Mornings Like a #GirlBoss |

I’m working on a post for next week about some of the ways I’m shaking up my routine and daily life to be simpler, more productive, and better for my overall mental state and productivity – but these tips are an awesome place to start! Definitely don’t forget to come check back Monday morning for some extra thoughts on here!








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