The Best Denim For Spring & Summer – Tried + Tested!

There was a 3+ year span where I didn’t own a single pair of jeans, of any color variety. Not even that pair that I’d “maybe fit into again someday” or that I “might find an occasion where I’ll be glad I kept them”. Not a single ounce of denim – anywhere. Even typing this is making me laugh out loud considering these days I probably spend 85% of my time wearing some variety of denim all week long. That’s even including when I’m lounging around at home!


The turning point? Finding a pair of jeans that felt like all the years of waiting and searching were totally worth it. Let’s be real, the two worst kinds of shopping for women (and our many insecurities) are jean shopping and bikini shopping. It becomes so dreaded we end up skipping it altogether because the trying-on process is so unpleasant.


As you can imagine, when I finally found this magic pair, I scooped it up in just about every color and style imaginable! I’m 5’10” tall, have very athletic and muscular legs, a small waist, and hips that are as wide as they make em’, so this was a seriously impressive find in my opinion. You try squeezing that into a pair of jeans! Not my idea of a good time…



I for one am thrilled that some of these old 90’s trends like high-waisted jeans, over-sized denim jackets, and denim/chambray tops and accents are making a comeback. Here’s hoping they’re here to stay! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite denim pieces (that I’ve fully tried and tested and given my stamp of approval on) to help you embrace denim back into your wardrobe, too!


Classic & Standard Jeans

Colored & Distressed Jeans

Shorts, Tops & Everything Else


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