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Essentials of the Week!

We made it to Friday! This week was starting to feel like it would never end with some major projects wrapping up at work, but now I am ready for the weekend! I already gave you all a life update earlier this week, so there’s not that much more to report on my end. I’m looking forward to spending a fun weekend working out, brunching with friends, and planning out more of the new travel content!


In the meantime, in case you don’t already follow me on Instagram (please, do!) I thought I’d share this snap of (part) of my room that was on my stories because I’ve finally gotten it to look the way I want! Full disclosure, I actually bought the gallery wall for my living room when my new lease starts in June…and now I’m attached to it being here. OOPS! TBD on where it ends up, ha!



Here are my essentials for this week…

Inspired ReadingIn keeping with this week’s unintentional inspiration “theme”, I loved this list of inspirational and life-changing books. Truth be told, I’m generally more of a fiction girl, but some of these felt like perfect timing for me and I’ve added a couple to my list to download before my trips. If you want some of my other book recommendations you can find them all here!


Trench Coat on SaleWe are finally reaching the time of year where we can start tucking away our parkas and reaching for (much cuter) types of jackets – and in my opinion a classic trench is one of the single most essential items for any wardrobe! This one is so adorable, and only $80! (Another great sale trench this weekend is right here, too! Use the code “Hello” for 40% off!)


Where to Go In Europe Without Breaking the Bank | HINT ALERT: Somewhere on this list is included in my list of upcoming travels (more on that here!) Definitely considering adding at least one more of these before the end of 2018…which one is your favorite?! PS – they really aren’t kidding. Our AirBNB is only going to cost us ~30 a night in one of these places, and it’s right in city center!


Hilarious Accents | I was cracking up laughing at this video of British stars talking about American accents and how hard they are to emulate. I think I’ve watched this 4 or 5 times already! Definitely a good way to kick off the weekend with a laugh.


Anthropologie x Nordstrom | I have slowly been realizing that approximately 85% of my clothes (and home decor, and shoes) all come from Nordstrom orders. Even if I find it somewhere else, I check to see if Nordstrom is carrying it too because I love their customer service and free shipping + returns! I was so excited when I saw that Anthropologie Home has joined the Nordstrom ranks…so much has already been added to my wish list!


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