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I’m writing this post in advance in anticipation of some traveling I’ll be doing by the time it goes live (a quick 2 day trip “home” to Louisville) before I head back to Chicago for the weekend. At what point do we stop referring to our hometowns as “home”? I realized in my first attempt to write that sentence I called both Chicago and Louisville home, which, while true in my mind would make zero sense in writing.


Either way, this week (and last week, really) have been a slow adjustment after coming back from SUCH an incredible trip in Puerto Rico – more pictures and stories to come from that very soon! In the meantime I’m sharing one fun snap below!


I’m finally starting to get back into my routine and even managed to work out 6 days in a row, but I’m still feeling a little bit…blah. I think it’s a result of having constant exposure to sunlight, sand and surf and then coming back to actual SNOW in Chicago.


Palm Leaf Bikini   Sunglasses  |  Cover-Up


Time for Spring! Here are my essentials from this week that kept my mind off of our terrible weather and are helping speed up the countdown to April…


What’s In My PocketThis photo series was so sweet and adorable – documenting what was found inside a group of pre-schoolers pockets. Ah, to be that young and innocent. When I was that age I scooped up everything I encountered in my day and put it in my pocket. I’m sure this would have been quite an interesting collection if they’d asked me!


The Best Way to Beat the Upcoming Rain Showers | I’m already anticipating a rainy April (if the snow we’re experiencing right now is any indication!) but fortunately in the last year I’ve acquired an amazing pair of rain boots and a rain jacket that I like. This one is so adorable too, though! I might need to add it to my collection.


Spring Outfit Inspiration  | I’m always on the hunt for outfit inspiration, especially when we are about to change seasons! For some reason it takes me a few weeks to get back in the hang of things. It’s like a weird form of style amnesia! I’ve been stockpiling articles, blog posts, and images like this for when the time comes to get me started.


Re-Decorating My ApartmentI’m in the very slow and steady process of re-decorating my apartment, namely, my living room. My roommate is moving out at the end of our lease and most of our living room decor belongs to her, so I’m really excited for a brand new fresh start that will 100% reflect my own style! I’ve got a lot of the details ironed out already, and now I’m focusing on smaller details like these adorable throw pillowsPS – if you’d be interested in getting a photo or video reveal once the new living room is complete, let me know in the comments below!


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