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Healthy Recipes To Help You Detox After the Holidays

About halfway into my trip in Naples, I was feeling incredibly relaxed, happy to be surrounded by family, and seriously in need of a heavy food + wine detox! My stepmom is an incredible cook…but man did we eat a lot! Even with me taking steps to be restrained (ordering fresh salads, avoiding snacking too much, skipping desserts) I felt like I had added an entire new layer to keep me warm for winter! Although, with this weather back here in Chicago, maybe that’s not the worst thing, ha!


Believe me, I’m a firm believer in allowing myself splurges when I want them (and finding balance with a few Pure Barre classes with the family in between!) and I really don’t like the idea of “cleanses” or a super restrictive diet. I try really hard to avoid ever allowing food to take over my mental state and really just focusing on the things that are more important. That said, it’s also incredibly important to me that I’m making healthy choices and taking care of myself!


I think we can all agree that the holidays are a free pass of sorts to eat what we like and over-indulge, and from what I can tell, most people are now shifting back into the panic mode of, “How can I undo all of that comfort food?!” I brainstormed with some friends and came up with some really amazing recipes that won’t restrict you too much, still taste great, but will have your body bouncing back and feeling like you’ve got a clean and healthy slate to coincide with whatever fitness regimen you’re doing!



Best of all, these are simple to make and easy to meal prep or cook in large batches to take to work or class with you!


Superfood Salad to Kick-Start Your Entire BodyThis has been one of my all-time favorite recipes for a while, especially when I need to turn things around after a little bit too much indulging. The super-foods in this will be filling enough, give you tons of energy, is packed with antioxidants to cleanse your body, and boost your immune system…among other things! I love to meal-prep this one on Sundays and I definitely recommend it as the first one on this list that you try!


Crunchy Harvest Salad | This is really similar to an amazing salad that my stepmom whipped up a few times while we were down in Naples, and it was the only thing we had down there that I felt like wasn’t a total indulgence! Super yummy, and all the ingredients and crunch made it more exciting than your average salad.


Chicken Detox Soup | One other problem after getting back from the holidays is that the last thing I wanted to do was cook a bunch of complex recipes, so keeping it simple and low maintenance was important. This one checked all the boxes (not to mention kept me warm!) It felt so nice to have something light and cleansing after all the heavy wines, breads, cheeses and appetizers!


Juices + Smoothies | Important note here – like I said above, I’m really not a personal fan of the “juices as a meal” trend. If you like them, more power to you! I just think that for me it leans to far into restricting myself too much. That said, I do love incorporating them into my diet along with some other things on this list when I want a fresh start – they make great breakfasts or post-workout snacks and really kick-start the detox process fast!


Chicken + Avocado Lettuce Wraps | In case you’re hoping for something on this list to work well for your dinner ideas, too – taking out the carb-heavy ingredients of some favorites and loading them up with veggies and leaner proteins is a great way to go! I also like to substitute  chicken for ground turkey.


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