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Fitness Goals for 2018

This is by no means a New Year’s Resolution post (more on that here), but in the last year and a half I’ve been slowly working on re-dedicating myself to fitness and my overall health between a healthy diet and being consistent with my workouts. Naturally, priorities shift around at times but I’m really hoping to take my fitness routines to the next level this year and really see some stronger and more noticeable results.


I don’t want my sole reason for working out to be “looking skinny” – although I’d be totally lying if I said that wasn’t a huge motivation for me. I really want to see more toned muscle definition, feel healthier overall, and feel super confident and comfortable with the way I look all the time (not just right before I go on a beach vacation or have a big event!) I have a tendency to anchor my fitness motivations to events like those, and I think that’s a big reason behind why I’m not getting the results I truly want. Fitness is all about consistency. 

I talked a lot about why I love going to Pure Barre 4-6 days a week here, and it truly has been the best possible option for my fitness routine up until now (and I fully plan on continuing to go just as often as always). If you’ve ever been curious about what a Pure Barre class is like, be sure to read about it here!


That said, I used to be a runner for the majority of my life and I really miss that full-blown cardio feeling that you can really only get from an intense cardio-centric workout. It’s hard for me, because I’ve got terrible knees from a lifetime of sports, so I’ve been brainstorming about how I can do this without hurting them and still manage an effective workout.

My current plan is to test out 2 options: a spinning class (like Soul Cycle or FlyWheel – if you’ve done these I’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below please!) and simply biking/using an elliptical at the gym in my office along with some additional ab workouts. I’m leaning towards the second option because I’d be able to do it in the same day as a Pure Barre class with my schedule…but I’ve gotten so used to a class environment I don’t know if I’ll be able to push myself as hard as I need to!



Overall, my new goal will be this: I want to attend at least four Pure Barre classes a week, and do a minimum of 2 days of cardio (several of which will likely overlap with Pure Barre). It sounds a little bit lofty, but I think based on this past year I’m definitely up to the challenge! I’m planning to update my progress on here along the way. Do you have any particular fitness goals for this year? I love hearing about what people are working towards – and being in it together always makes it a lot more fun!


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