Essentials of the Week!

We made it to Friday, everyone! The weekend is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a long weekend for me and I plan on taking full advantage of it…including using Monday to create some really amazing new content for you guys here on the blog, so get excited about that! From what I can tell it’s going to be a snowy weekend, so I’m anticipating a lot of snuggling up in blankets and reading some of my new books.


It feels like it has already been January for ages now…it truly is the longest month of the year. Thankfully I’ve had plenty to keep myself occupied with, between blogging, exercising and planning some upcoming trips! More on those coming soon.


Hopefully you’re all finding ways to get through the dreary grey days of this month, too! I’m currently in the market for some new TV show recommendations, so leave some favorites in the comments below for me!


Here are my essentials for this week:



Top Ten Home Tours of 2017 | One of my favorite ways to aimlessly pass the time is to see things like home tours, or “imaginary” house hunt on websites like Zillow. These home tours were all gorgeous – and I pinned so many of them to boards for inspiration for later. You know, when money grows on trees and I have the time and resources to decorate like a celebrity and all that.


Combining 2 Favorites | I’ve always loved Harry Potter. My stepdad used to read the books to my brother and I when we were younger and do all of these hilarious voices to the characters, even well after we were too old for it because by then it was tradition! This pet owner found a way to make dog training a little more amusing and I couldn’t resist sharing.


The Best Way to Spend a Snowy Weekend Inside | Besides the classics of reading and binge-watching movies, I love to make lists when I’m bored inside. Especially lists like this one! My parents always said I had my head in the clouds – safe to say they were right about that.


The Hardest I’ve Laughed in a WHILE | This video was absolutely hysterical. I can’t even put my finger on what it was – maybe it was the accent, maybe it was that his humor reminds me so much of my brother – like, identical – but this cracks me up no matter how many times I watch it! Ending the post on a funny note!







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