The Best Moisturizers For Your Body This Winter!

After relaxing in 80+ degree weather for the last ten days, you can imagine the look on my face when a friend reported to me that it is currently in the negative temperatures in Chicago. All I can say is…why?!


I’m a big believer that cold/heat is always relative, too – i.e. after spending a week in 80 degree weather, 5 degrees will feel infinitely colder than it would if I hadn’t been exposed to this little corner of paradise for the holidays! To say I’m dreading it would be an understatement. The fact that I didn’t pack any sort of parka or jacket is enough to make me want to turn this into a one-way trip…


Either way, the cold is coming and that means I need to do whatever I can before I touch down in Chicago to prepare my body (and my mind) with as much moisture as I can! I’ve already shared all of my best tips and products for prepping your body before winter begins, but I wanted to be sure to share some of my Chicago winter veteran advice for how to keep your skin moisturized, healthy and comfortable all winter long! Goodness knows I’ll be needing these products on hand before, during and after my flight!

Hair | My hair has definitely already begun to suffer since I’ve been gone/away from some of my go-to products (although chlorine and ocean probably aren’t helping!) My daily routine consists of a rotation between this shampoo + conditioner OR this shampoo + conditioner. (I’ve found that mixing it up keeps my hair so much softer! Whichever combo I’m using, I have started using this incredible 3-minute conditioner mask in the shower every other day and it has made a world of a difference! My hair is way more moisturized and so much less fragile and dry. Lastly, once a week I’ve started incorporating this into my shower routine as a way to somewhat *shock* my hair back to health after a long week of exposing it to intense winter winds. On the days that I can’t avoid heat treating my hair, this protectant is my main line of defense!


Skin | I think my skin is currently experiencing the biggest shock of all. Flip-flopping from brutal winter to hot sun, sunscreen and a whole different kind of dryness has certainly been a shock to the system. Either way, my main ant-dryness routines and products stay relatively the same! I’m constantly rubbing this into my hands and elbows, as they always seem to be the worst affected. That said, in addition to my standard morning + night routines I’ve added in another 2 minutes to pretty much cover my body in this moisturizing lotion to make sure it’s always being protected.


For my face, in keeping with my sensitive skin – I stick to this in the morning and this in the evening after my usual face wash. I can’t honestly say these are the best products of all-time and you should buy them immediately – but they work perfectly for me, they don’t irritate my skin and they keep it super hydrated. I’ve recently added in a combination of this serum and this product (and I was pretty nervous to do so, but my dermatologist said it should be okay, and it was!) A friend of mine actually works for this brand and now swears by it, and they just launched in the US, so if you’re looking for something new to try this is a great one! For anything else (lips, hands, or honestly anything that gets excessively dry and painful – I keep a tube of this on hand at all times.


You can shop all of these products I’ve rounded up here below!



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