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How to Manage New Priorities

For those of you who are fairly regular readers on here…I’m sorry for the radio silence! I’ve mentioned it a few times recently, but I started a new job halfway through the Fall and the further I’ve gotten into the swing of things the more exhausted and busy I’ve been! I have wanted to be able to dedicate my full true 100% effort to the new job while I get my footing…and naturally that meant I needed a period of re-adjusting with my priorities and time management.


Now that the holidays are upon us, I’m really feeling like I can kickstart myself again to try juggling it all at once…but time will tell how that goes!


I see it constantly – whether it is among other bloggers, friends in college, or even friends who are balancing things like a family and a career. We always let ourselves feel so horribly guilty for not accomplishing every single thing that we wanted in a day, but honestly…who has the time?! I definitely have had periodical major pangs of guilt about neglecting my blog (which I love, and I appreciate all of you who take the time to read it so much!) but I want everything in my life to feel like it makes me happier and fulfills me…not like a chore.




That’s what I kept telling myself when I took a few weeks off to regroup and figure out what I wanted to prioritize, especially during the busiest time of year.


Does anyone else ever get guilty when you have things lingering on your to-do list, in your inbox, or even text messages you forgot to reply to? Relaxing just feels so incredible, and I often forget how important it truly is.


If you’re like me and you’ve been wearing yourself thin trying to balance more than you could possibly carry – here are some tips to get back on track and shift your priorities back into place!


Keep a Daily Log | Not to add one more thing to your plate…but if you spend 7 days writing down every activity into four categories: those that are absolutely non-negotiable, those that fulfill you, those that weren’t truly essentials, and those that make you feel happy and relaxed, you might be surprised where everything lands. Be careful of avoiding the trap of labeling every single thing as *completely important*! Knowing where everything stands in your mind will help you let go of things that aren’t of top priority and spend more effort focusing your energy on those that deserve it.


Realize That Priorities Can Change as Often as the Weather | Just because you spend a month prioritizing work over something else, doesn’t mean you have to stop caring about that item on the back-burner forever. Some priorities are going to have peaks and valleys, whether it is a relationship that needs a little TLC or a major project you’ve been focusing on all day long.


Never De-Prioritize the Most Important Of All | Often the single most de-prioritized item on all of our lists, yet somehow the most important, is self-care. If you don’t spend some time every day…whether it is five minutes or two hours, doing something truly and exclusively for yourself, you will not be at your best for anything else that you’re doing. you can argue this or say you don’t have time, but if you truly want to be successful at everything else you do every day, you’ll find the time to make sure you’re always at your best. For me, this can sometimes mean a 2 minute breathing app with my Calm app or a long workout followed by 30 minutes of reading with my phone in airplane mode.


Whatever it may be, find something that works for you and give it a spot in your calendar that isn’t negotiable. Treat it like you would any other meeting or appointment – as if you were going to be charged a fee for cancelling last minute! (If you’re seriously struggling to hold yourself accountable, try actually charging yourself a fee for cancelling your personal time. Store the money in a jar or a savings account, and splurge on something awesome for yourself like a spa treatment down the road!)


The overall point here is, it is okay to take a break or step away from something temporarily. This doesn’t mean it still isn’t important to you, it simply means that we can’t be expected to do it all 100% of the time, 24/7.



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