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I hope you’re all either already home with family or heading there today for the holidays to spend some well-deserved time with your loved ones! I know it can be hard to get away, especially in some jobs, but I love that I’m seeing more and more companies and jobs trending towards respecting people’s personal time and values enough to allow them the holiday moments everyone deserves, regardless of your holiday celebration.


I myself am happy as can be in Florida with my family, soaking in the sun and cuddling up next to the puppies by the tree. It’s always a little bit harder to feel festive down here, but we do our best (and the sun and outdoor activities are hardly a consolation prize). To give you a little entertainment while you’re with the family or waiting around in your travels, here are my essentials for this week!



1. The Best Christmas Episodes Of Your Favorite Netflix Shows | I’m incredibly stuck in my traditions of Christmas movies every year. I always watch the less-popular ones first ramping up to my all-time favorites like the Grinch, Elf, and Home Alone on Christmas Eve. That said, one thing I often overlook is all of my favorite Christmas episodes of shows! Personally, Gossip Girl holiday episodes are always my favorite…but this list is awesome!


2. An Important Reminder For the Holidays | One thing that I think is something I’m a lot more in tune to now that the holidays have some sad reminders in my life is that no one ever realizes what a difficult time this point in the year can feel for those of us who have lost a loved one or are simply having a particularly tough year. This post is great not only for anyone feeling that way, but also as a good reminder for us to keep those people in mind and do a little something extra to show them we’re thinking of them.


3. Every Single Song You Loved in 2017 | I look forward to these every year. If you’ve never heard them, you will love clicking back through previous years, too. I personally still think 2014 is the best…but this year’s was amazing, too! Perfect for any holiday parties or NYE festivities you’ve got planned.


4. The Coziest Sweatshirt EVER | I was shopping Marshall’s the other day and stumbled upon the vest version of this after lusting after this pullover for the last month…maybe it will show up under my tree?! I couldn’t resist pulling the trigger on the vest, it was only $15! Gotta love bargain finds like that. I wish I could find that deal online for you – but I still think the pullover is an incredible find. I’m convinced the vest has been helping me nap because I’m that comfy in it – and I’m the worst sleeper ever!



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