Essentials of the Week!

What an amazing holiday week! I hope everyone had a chance to spend special times with your families, friends and loved ones for whatever holiday you celebrate and are feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new year! Today is my last day in Florida with my parents (and the pups) and I’m so sad to say goodbye to them!


It’s always bitter-sweet at the end of these trips for me, because I never want to say goodbye but am usually ready by the end of a long trip like this to dive into my own bed and get my life and routine organized and moving…especially because I don’t think my body/waistline could handle one more day of incredibly delicious and large meals + wine! Pass the juice cleanse, please…


This week’s list is a tad short, because I haven’t spent much time online while I was with my family! That said, some of these post-holiday highlights were too good not to share. Here are my essentials of the week!



1. Inspiring Your 2018 Wanderlust | I always spend this time of year thinking about the places I want to travel next year, adding new spots to my travel wish list and playing around on sites like AirBnB just to see what’s out there. I could spend hours combing through photos of AirBnBs I could never afford just for fun! Anyone else?! This list is totally inspiring my 2018 plans…


2. HUGE Home Decor Sale Right Now | I had a hard time coming up with a Christmas wish list this year, and the majority of it ended up having a home decor/kitchen focus. (Signs you’re growing up…scary!) Nordstrom is having a seriously incredible home decor sale right now, and there are so many awesome items for great prices! Be sure to check it out.


3. 2018 Off to an Important Start | There’s been a joke circulating around the internet that no one wants to go into the new year with 2017’s problems…but this story gave me some hope that some of our most important issues and movements of this year aren’t going to be left behind after the confetti falls and the champagne corks are popped.







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