The Best Books I Read In 2017

It’s no secret that I love to read, and try to read as many books as I possibly can all year long. Not to say that I don’t take the time to enjoy them – I usually just end up so hooked that I can’t put them down until they’re finished!


This year in particular, I came across some of my favorite books of all-time, and I want to be sure to round up the best of the best in case you’re looking for an incredible new read and somehow these haven’t made their way onto your shelves yet!


PS – you can always catch up on what I’ve been reading right here!



In no particular order, these are the books of 2017 that really blew me away:


Fierce | Aly Raisman

 I absolutely loved this book – and it’s no secret why. Anyone who knows me knows that I am weirdly obsessed with the Olympics; USA gymnastics in particular. It would make sense if I had a family member or history of gymnastics…but I don’t. I seriously just can’t get enough of it! I watch them all the time (not just during the Olympics). You can imagine my excitement, then, when I realized this book was out and I could have an inside look into an Olympian’s journey from the very beginning at age five, to the Olympic podium. That’s not to say you need an obsession to enjoy this – if you’re looking to feel inspired, this is a great book.


Flawed | Cecelia Ahern

This is a 2-book series that I finished in less than three days. I always loved dystopian novels, but this one took it to an entirely new level that I found positively fascinating. Imagine an entire new layer to society where, even if you didn’t break a law, you were judged and punished based on things like moral violations – and they changed your life forever. This could be anything as simple as a small white lie, to a major ethical transgression in the business world. Read the description to hear a little more but, trust me, this series is so imaginative and intense!


One Of Us Is Lying | Karen McManus

I’ve always loved murder mysteries, and this one lends an exciting new twist. If you’re a fan of “who did it” types of stories, or you love to try and read between the lines of a seriously mixed together crime story, this one is for you. It was a total page turner, and definitely successfully kept me guessing until the very end!


Disruption | Jessica Shirvington

This 2-book series is easily my favorite on the entire list. Is anyone else ever that person who can’t even decide what you want to eat for lunch or wear today? If so, prepare to be fascinated. Imagine there was a technology as popular as iPhones or an Apple Watch that made every single decision for us. Better yet – the decisions we make through the device are designed to be the best possible choice for us – whether it is making sure we eat healthily or date the right match who is compatible with us…following the instructions of your device will literally guarantee you live the best possible version of your life possible. Would you do it?!


Everything Everything | Nicola Yoon 

I was really excited to see that this was made into a movie the same year that I read it, although I still haven’t seen the movie yet! Oops. This book was so incredible. If you were a fan at all of My Sister’s Keeper or The Fault In Our Stars, you just found your new favorite book. What I couldn’t believe, was the insane twist at the end! Absolutely worth reading and such a compelling and exciting story.


The Regulars | Georgia Clark

This book was super relatable on a more personal note, when society is constantly making us doubt who we truly are. If you could change your entire physical appearance and become a new person – who happens to be jaw-droppingly gorgeous – would you do it? I’ll be honest…I think I probably would! Even if just for a little while. Although, I’m not sure what it would do to your self esteem to revert back to your usual self.


The Balance Project | Susie Orman Schnall

Easily the most relatable book on the list for anyone who is a post-grad or who has felt over-extended, stressed and unappreciated in life, this one was so awesome just feeling understood. I love finding books like this that are entertaining, witty, and still can drive some great messaging across.


The Assistants | Camille Perri

Very similar to the one above, this one was a super empowering and relatable tale of a girl who just hasn’t quite figured out what she wants out of life yet…and also faces some similar struggles like student loans, boy troubles, and feeling troubled in general with the path life is taking. Highly recommend!





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