Gift Guide: My Essentials This Year!

As I’ve gotten older, coming up with a “Christmas List” for my family and friends has definitely become a whole different ball game (and a far cry from circling every single thing in a toy catalogue…man, those were the days, right?!)


That said, I always feel a little bit silly drafting up some massive super specific list. I seriously used to type up pages long lists when I was in Middle School – I think we can all remember the age where it felt like if you didn’t have every single thing you were going to be totally left out.


Now that I’m out of college, I can of course afford to get myself basic essentials, things I need, and the occasional splurge on a wish list item or two. You know you’re becoming an adult when your Christmas list looks like apartment decorations, cooking or cleaning supplies, and you get way more excited to give a gift rather than receive!


Of course, I’m still human, so naturally I always managed to come up with a couple of wish-list-worthy items that I would love to have but would probably never purchase for myself as they aren’t “essential”.


Here’s what I came up with for my top essential wish list items this year…maybe it will spark a gift idea (or a wish list idea of your own)!


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A New Fragrance | I love perfume, but have always thought of it as “something special”. I am completely serious, I have some perfume bottles that I’ve used so slowly that they’ve lasted me 4+ years! Some of them are exclusively for special occasions. That said, it has been a very long time since I’ve gotten a new scent and it’s always a great go-to. I’ve had my eye on this one.

Dyson Hair Dryer | This would be a major splurge item. Like, very major. That said, in case you missed it, I tried out this hair dryer when I was home for a wedding and oh. my. It was truly incredible! I normally let my hair air dry for about 30-45 minutes before blow drying it, and it still takes me about 15 minutes. Using this it took me less than 4 minutes, without any air drying time. 
Let that sink in for a minute! My hair was also smoother, and the heat wasn’t as intense, so it was very easy to style. Talk about a worthy splurge item!

Cast Iron Skillet | My wish list has a lot of simple cooking and baking supplies on it this year, but my biggest need is a new cast iron skillet! I’ve been getting more into cooking with every passing week, and I’m definitely ready to add some new tools to take it to the next level. You can find my absolute favorite tried-and-tested recipes right here!

The CUTEST Bag | You’ll be seeing a lot of this beauty in my upcoming outfit posts and Instagrams…I am obsessed! It is also 75% OFF RIGHT NOW! Seriously…a gorgeous leather monogram bag for only $30?! Get on it, ASAP!

Monogram Cosmetic Case | It’s hard to beat really classic and useful travel accessories. My travel schedule has slowed way down compared to last year when we were still doing long distance, but I acquired some really incredible travel tools that will last for many more years, trips and adventures to come!

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer | I own an Essie nail polish collection that probably puts some nail salons to shame…but I justify it because I never ever get real manicures and pedicures (even gel polish chips after 48 hours for me!) I love asking for new nail polish colors as a great little stocking stuffer that you’ll get a ton of use out of! Loving this color and this one a lot lately.

Sonos Speaker + Alexa | My parents have sworn by their Sonos speaker system for many years now…and it’s pretty incredible! You can continue to add more speakers (depending on how big your space is) and the bluetooth and sound quality is amazing. I love the white version – and the newest one comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa to maximize its usefulness!

Monogram Cheese Board | I love to entertain and host…and you can’t beat having a really great and simple cheese board for appetizers and snacks whenever you have guests. Pro tip – they work great for solo wine nights while binge-watching Netflix, too!

Coffee Table Books | These are so perfect for decorating (and fun to flip through!) I have a never ending list of coffee table books that I’d love to have, but this one is the most coveted. I’ve compiled some short lists of some other favorites recently, too!

The Perfect Classic Coat | You really can’t beat a classic coat that will last you for years to come…especially if you’re in Chicago or somewhere equally as chilly! I’ve had my eye on this one for the last few winters, and I always get so envious when I see all of the colors it comes in around the city. I think I’ve got my eye on grey because it feels practical…but the lavender is so pretty, too! Which would you choose?!


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  • Reply
    Gold Clutter
    November 21, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    I saw the coat when I was scrolling through J. Crew's site. It looks like lavender's sold out. I'd love to see all the colors in person. I'm sure they're even prettier in person.

    • Reply
      Olivia Tennant
      November 21, 2017 at 2:09 pm

      They've had it for so many years I'm sure it will be re-stocked (and probably on sale!) I'll let you know if I see it come back online in that color. They are SO pretty in person!

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