A Festive Playlist To Get You In the Holiday Spirit!

Now that it is officially socially acceptable to begin playing Christmas songs (unless you’re one of the Grinch types who won’t allow that until December 1st, in which case I say humbug!)


I may have broken the decorations out a little bit earlier than usual this year, but by far the best part of the day for me was turning on this festive playlist for the first time and belting out all the classics…thankfully only Dalton was subjected to my singing voice, though…


In case you’re ready to get into the Christmas spirit and let Mariah Carey ring through the halls of your house, too – I’m sharing my FAVORITE Christmas playlist on Spotify! You can open it in the app by clicking here right away, or you can play it directly from this post below. Be sure to follow me on Spotify for other awesome playlists, list this one and this one, too!



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