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Getting Your Body Ready for Colder Weather

Somehow, it is basically November…when did that happen?! I’m still trying to get over my major disappointment that Chicago basically had three true “Fall weather” days this year and then decided to skip right on over to winter.


We’ve been in the low 40s all week and it looks like that range is here to stay – which means it is definitely time to start treating my routine and my body like winter has arrived! Ps: we finally started watching Game of Thrones a few weeks ago on a date night (yes, the first season) and I feel like I’m allowed to make Winter is Coming references now. Feels good to be part of the club haha.


I think a lot of people tend to approach winter and colder weather in a reactive way…waiting for your lips to be chapped to wear lip balm, drowning your hands or skin in lotion after it has already become dry or cracked/painful, and sometimes altogether skipping adding extra moisture to your hair. Don’t be that person!!


You will thank yourself over and over if you start caring for your winter body now, while winter is only showing us its early stages. Here are all of the things you should keep in mind to add to your routine so that your body feels great no matter how low the temps drop!



Happy & Healthy Hair | The most obvious tip for anything winter-related for your body is moisture, of course. Using a moisture-rich conditioner (my holy grail conditioner of all time is this 3-minute miracle deep conditioner…it’s life changing and super cheap!) is essential, but remember to also cut back a little on the shampoo. Too much or too frequent shampooing can make your scalp even drier, so lighten up on it!


Try to ease up on heat-treating your hair, too. I know it’s difficult…I’m being a total hypocrite here because I almost never wear my hair naturally and haven’t for a while, but that extra heat to your already dried out strands can hurt it even more in the winter. So try throwing it in an easy and chic braid or bun and give it a few days off every week! If you’re like me and will probably still ignore this advice…at least protect it with this, first!


Calling in reinforcements doesn’t hurt, either. Adding in an extra step of moisturizer and something that will help hold it all in to keep your hair from getting brittle or flaky can make a big difference, so don’t just focus on what you do in the shower! My favorites these days are this leave-in conditionerthis repair lotion (if your hair needs extra help like mine!), and for the last two years I’ve been using this amazing control cream and love it. I haven’t bought these hydrating shots on my own but get them on the rare occasion that I’ve had a blow out and loved it!


I’ve linked all of my go-to holy grail products below for fast shopping, too!


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Prepping Your Skin | This is something that was definitely newer to me last year, but I think I’ve got pretty well mastered at this point! The first thing I’ve already started doing is essentially moisturizing my entire body before bed each night. It may feel a little excessive, but it’s much easier to keep your skin nourished than to try and repair it once it’s already dry, flaking and cracked.

One thing I should mention…I have insanely sensitive skin – as in, recently became allergic to Neosporin kind of sensitive. I have had more allergic reactions to skin products and things touching my skin than I could ever possibly count. For this reason, I can’t necessarily recommend the most fancy or special skincare products out there – but I do have my tried and true products that have never failed me!

Back to the point, though – every night I’ll thoroughly apply my favorite moisturizing lotion before bed. I typically pay extra attention to my hands and elbows with this hand cream because those are the first things to dry up for me! For my face, I’m already sure to moisturize each morning and night with this and this – but for some reason one area on my chin is SURE to dry out and crack every winter. That’s why I never leave home without a tube of this in every purse, and the moment I start to feel rawness there, I smother it.

The final piece people always forget about in the winter that is so essential and important…don’t forget SPF! Just because it’s cloudy, gray and gloomy outside doesn’t mean the sun isn’t lurking on the other side of those clouds, and your skin needs protection. Every. Single. Day!

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Start From The Inside | While it’s obviously essential to cover all the steps I’ve already mentioned, it is just as important to focus on what you’re putting in your body during the colder months to help with all of these efforts. First and foremost? Double the amount of water you drink. Your body can’t naturally moisturize your hair and skin if it’s dehydrated on the inside. People forget to drink as much water because we aren’t hot, and can’t feel that we are sweating it out, but you are!

I also have started adding extra Vitamin C every day into my diet. Orange juice is a no-go for me, so I’ve started taking a daily Vitamin C vitamin to try and give me an extra level of defense against all of the coughs, colds and flus that are sure to be floating around soon. I also start incorporating more super foods into my diet – these work wonders to keep you healthy and avoid illness. The easiest way for me is with super-food-rich soups like a vegetable quinoa soup (this is a personal favorite) or a smoothie in the mornings.

Taking these steps now that November is (basically) here will be a total game changer for you when the temperatures really drop – so get going!!


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