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It’s safe to say that this fall has been sorely lacking in relaxing and unscheduled moments…you may have notice some significant gaps on content here in the last few weeks, and if you did – I am sorry! As I mentioned in this post, I started a new job this month and have been trying to make sure that most of my efforts and energy has been dedicated to starting things off on the right foot!

The good news is, things have been going incredibly well, and I’m happier than ever with my work life. The bad news? I’ve been neglecting this poor little blog! Not to worry, though – I’m finally getting situated in my new routine and have some very exciting content planned for these next few weeks!

I’ve been so exhausted at the ends of my days that I haven’t had energy for much of anything…but I did manage to make it through a handful of pretty incredible books that I wanted to pass along!

I am always looking for new book recommendations, and would love love love if you could comment your most recent reads or all-time favorites below for me to check out!

1. One Of Us Is Lying | This one was my favorite on this list. I finished it in less than two days and was wishing there was more of it! I seriously didn’t have a single clue who was telling the truth or what happened – all I knew was that it was going to be a crazy twist at the end, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed there! Strongly recommend this, especially if you love a good mystery that keeps you guessing!

2. Disruption (2 Book Series) | I might have to revise my statement in the book above…this mini-series definitely rivals as my favorites on this list. It reminds me a lot of one of my all-time favorite books, ever – Free to Fall – and is essentially about a time in the future where a new piece of monopoly-style technology takes over simple things like…knowing who you’re compatible enough to date. If you like wild stories like that, this is definitely a perfect one for you!

3. How to Murder Your Life | Full disclosure, I’m not recommending this for everyone. It kept me interested enough, but it definitely had points where I felt like I’d been reading chapter after chapter of essentially the same story over and over. Some of it was pretty insane, some of it fairly amusing, and a lot of it was really pretty serious and dark. The reason I’m still including it on this list is because it’s a true story, and I couldn’t believe that someone so high up in the magazine & beauty industry experienced this. Read the summary before buying and decide for yourself, but if the topics don’t turn you off then I’d give it a shot!

4. The Lying Game | If you like Pretty Little Liars, Big Little Lies, or any books about boarding schools or groups of friends, this one is for you. That’s essentially the criteria that had me instantly buying this one and I couldn’t put it down! It is also written by the same author as “The Woman in Cabin 10″ (but I still haven’t gotten around to that one yet!)

5. The Young Wives Club | If you want something light, funny and simple, I loved this one! I actually read this more when it was still “summer-time” but it’s a great read regardless of the time of year. I’ve always loved the South and the social nuances that accompany it, and this book was completely filled with them! There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye upon reading the description, so if you’re on the fence I say go for it!

Do you have any all-time favorite books or recent reads that you’d recommend to me? I’d love to hear them!


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    My Sprinkle of Prep
    October 30, 2017 at 4:36 pm

    I love reading and have been adding books to my list of must reads and I can't wait to add a couple of these to the list. I hopefully will have a little free time over Thanksgiving break and will be able to crank out a few of these books. Are you a user of GoodReads because I would love to be friends and see what you are reading?

    megan |

    • Reply
      Olivia Tennant
      October 31, 2017 at 1:15 am

      Definitely check them out! Yes I am on goodreads and would love to follow you back! You can find me under "Olivia Tennant" OR if you click the book icon in the top right corner of the blog next to my search bar it will take you straight to my profile! I'm constantly updating books I'm reading on there so you'll find great inspo, and I'd love to see yours as well!

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