The Perfect (Super Relatable) Post-Grad Reading List!

Some of my favorite books I’ve read since graduating have been ones that I found incredibly relatable, and it put things in perspective for me when I really needed it. I’ve never been one to really love self-help books, but I get so excited when I find a book that relates perfectly to a situation I’m dealing with and makes me feel a little less isolated in my stresses.


One of my closest friends was recently feeling really lost with everything since graduating…dating, finding friend groups, getting situated and taking next steps with her career…and I was in her exact same place a few months after I graduated, too!


Besides giving her some advice and talking it out, I suggested that she read a few of my favorite “post-grad themed” books that I thought she could relate to and get some comfort & advice from…and I realized that this is something I should be sharing with all of you, too!


So here is a list of all of my favorite “post-grad” reads. Whether you’re worrying about money, fed up with (or just beginning) dating, feeling lost in your career, wanting to make a major change, or navigating a city all by yourself, these authors have found a way to relate to and make humor out of ALL of those situations!


The Regulars | Perfect if you aren’t feeling confident, want a good laugh, or feel like daydreaming a little bit. A more recent read, I could not put this down. It talks about three friends in their 20s, all succeeding and failing in their own spectacular ways while living in New York, and they come across a magical substance that could change all of their lives. It’s called “Pretty”, and it gives you a flawless appearance. (It sounds a little strange, but trust me…it was beyond addicting to read). Haven’t we all dreamed at least once about what life could be like if we were supermodel gorgeous? Would things be easier and fall into our laps? Read it and find out!


The Assistants | Perfect if you’ve ever had debt, student loans, financial stresses, or found yourself in a job or role where you weren’t appreciated or paid attention to or valued. 

You’re going to love this one. Tina, the main character, is an assistant for a media powerhouse and one day comes across an opportunity to completely wipe out all of her debt…and no one would even blink an eye. Would you cross that line? (Goodness knows I’d at least feel the temptation…man!) There’s also some pretty great dating twists in here, too.


A Girl Like You | My favorite. I think this one is the most relatable on this list (maybe I should have put it first?) in every possible sense. Read this if you are a post-grad. Period. 

This book checks of all of the post-grad boxes. The author is my absolute favorite of all time (and she’s actually the author of a series and another book on this list, sorry! I promise you’ll love her too). It’s set in London, and she talks about everything from her mood needing to match her outfit, to not being able to speak up at her job, to some seriously troublesome dating woes. Such a good book!


The Dating Detox | Same author as above…my second favorite! Clearly from the title, this one is the best if you’re just so damn sick of dating, and jerks, and breakups, and swiping left and right and up and down….(okay clearly I don’t use the apps, but I get the gist!)

You will be cracking up laughing during this entire book. Sass, the main character, has been dumped SIX times in a row. So she decides she’s done, and has horrible judgement, and she drunkenly develops a list of rules for a “dating detox” that she must abide by for 3 months until her 29th birthday. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is so insanely funny.


The Balance Project | Read if you’re feeling frustrated with work, you’re stuck in an assistant or intern position with no end in sight, or you feel like you’re just overwhelmed from your career in general.

This is about a post-grad named Lucy who is the “magic” behind the most powerful and successful woman in the country…she’s her assistant. Her entire life and job is dedicated to making her boss appear effortless, and it’s bound to catch up to her. Even if you’re not in this line of work, the plot revolves around the struggle to find balance between work, exercise, eating healthy, having money and a social life….basically, life. (It kinda reminded me of Devil Wears Prada!)


Small Admissions | If you’ve always loved stories like Gossip Girl, Sex & The City, and anything revolving the wealthy and rich in NYC, you won’t be able to resist this one. Also perfect if you recently had a breakup. 

Set in the Upper East Side – in the private school admissions process, no less. After a brutal breakup by her fiance, Kate somehow finds herself as part of the admissions committee to a super elite and exclusive private school in New York, and the inside look at their world is comical, confusing, and totally bizarre. It’s a great light and easy read.


Brooklyn Girls (Series – Books #2 and #3 Below!) | The first “post-grad” book/series that I read, and I am absolutely obsessed. I’ve actually read them multiple times. It’s so incredibly relatable in so many ways, and so interesting and different in another sense! The two books below this one are the next in the series!

All about a group of girls living in a Brownstone in Brooklyn, all with completely different personalities and paths. There’s the one who works in a high-powered finance job and has her life ‘together’, the total mess who loses her job in the very first week after some drunken behavior with a client, the wild child who doesn’t care about anything or anyone, and the younger sister who is really just trying to find her place. The first book is about the mess who loses her job – Pia – and then decides on a totally insane next move in her career path.

Love and Chaos | Book #2 in the Brooklyn Girls Series. You’ll be hooked after the first one!

The Wild One | Book #3 in the Brooklyn Girls Series. This one was possibly my favorite! 


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