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Traverse City, Michigan Recap! - PrepEssentials

Traverse City, Michigan Recap!

We had such an amazing time in Traverse City, Michigan over the 4th of July – it’s hard to know where to begin! My parents have a cottage up there right along the river, and it has made for some pretty incredible 4th of July traditions in our family over the years, but this year was by far my favorite year yet!

I think Wrigley likes the big yard even more than I do…

It was Dalton (and Wrigley’s) first summer up there, so it was extra special this time around. I had way too much fun showing Dalton all of my favorite spots and activities, and trying out some new things, too!

The weather couldn’t have been better the entire time we were there – we really lucked out. The first two days were pretty low key, I had to get some work done and gave Dalton a chance to hit the golf course with my Dad. Friday night, however, even I picked up a club and accompanied my parents to a 9, Wine & Dine event at their course where we all laughed and swung our way through nine holes with some incredible food and wine tastings every few holes. (My kind of golfing, am I right?!)

Saturday we took full advantage of the sunnier skies and headed down to the boat for the Air Show over the lake. My parents invited some of their friends and we had a pretty great spread of drinks and appetizers to keep us happy all afternoon long.

Most of the evenings were spent at home with some unforgettable home-cooked meals (seriously, no matter how much better I improve my cooking, nothing will ever beat meals at home with my parents).

Sunday we had a little bit more of a low key day, but it was by far my favorite one of the week. We rounded up the bikes and took them into town to show Dalton around, and there is this one amazing bike path around a smaller lake that is insanely beautiful. My dad and I used to sail on that little lake, and I have so many fun memories there.

We took a break from the biking to stop at a local brewery called North Peak with a really great patio – if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend it! Then we hurried home to give the dogs some attention before we loaded up the kayaks for a 2 hour float down the river. The river has such a gentle flow it’s more like a stream – we usually bring a cooler with drinks, and paddling is rare (except for Dalton, who must have crashed into about a dozen trees along the way! It’s going to be a while before my parents let him live that down…)

The dogs were so well behaved in the kayaks, and Wrigley did an amazing job in his first river trip. We usually drive about ten minutes north of our house, and float down the river for two hours before getting out right in our backyard!

The next day, we ventured up the peninsula to some of the wineries (another post coming soon about those, because they were AMAZING), and snuck in a little bit of strawberry picking, too! Dalton isn’t much of a wine drinker, so this was a good way to start getting him into the habit (because seriously, if someone doesn’t start drinking wine with me, I’m going to keep having a bottle all to myself…and no one needs that!)

The actual 4th of July was pretty low key for us – just our family out on the boat with the dogs, soaking in the sun and views before having a quiet (and amazing) dinner at home in the backyard. 

I really couldn’t have asked for a better trip with my family, and now I’m working on trying to find another weekend in the early Fall to head up there again! There were so many things we didn’t get to try.

If you’re ever looking for a place in Michigan to visit, I could not recommend Traverse City more! Comment below and tell me what you did for your 4th of July – I’d love to hear from you!

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