Week in the Outer Banks!

Our vacation to North Topsail Island was such an incredible week – my only complaint was that I wish it could have been longer! I hadn’t been back to the Outer Banks since I was younger, and it brought back so many vivid and fond memories of my childhood vacations with my parents.

If you’ve never been to the Outer Banks in the summer, I highly recommend adding that to your bucket list as soon as possible.

They tend to be on the sleepier, quieter side when it comes to little beach towns, but for a week of relaxation and quality time soaking in the sun, it was exactly what I wanted to kick off the summer. 

Most days began with breakfast on the outdoor patio, followed by a lot of sunscreen and loaded arms down to the beach for a full day of swimming, tanning, and reading! 

A few of the nights, we grilled out and enjoyed a calming evening at home, and we scoped out a few pretty great restaurants, too! Of course, the NHL playoffs were going on, so that was a non-negotiable agenda item for a couple of nights considering Dalton and his family are huge Penguins fans!

All in all, I had such an amazing time spent with all of them (and their two adorable dogs) getting some sun and drinking copious amounts of wine. I ended up completing over six books during the trip – a high quantity, even for me! (Don’t worry, a recap of those is coming up ASAP!)

If you want to shop some of my outfits from the trip, you can find them right here (or by click the shop tab at the top of this page!)

It was the perfect way to start the summer, and has left me feeling even more excited about the other adventures and trips we have planned for these warmer months! Up next – Traverse City over 4th of July with my parents (and Rufus and Wrigley!)

PS – can you believe we didn’t take one single picture together on the entire trip?! Talk about an epic fail. I fully plan on overcompensating while in Michigan, so there’s more to come!

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