Essentials of the Week!

I’m really excited today because my parents are (finally) back in town for the weekend and they brought Rufus & Wrigley with them, so I’m going to get a lot of quality time with the entire family! 
They’re out in the suburbs with my brother, my two nieces and my nephew, so it’s going to be nice to get out of the city for a day or two and just de-compress and relax. 
This week was pretty uneventful, but I’ve been working on a lot of really exciting summer blog content for all of you whenever I’ve had down time from work and Pure Barre, and I think it’s going to be amazing! Hopefully you all love it as much as I do!
Here are my essentials for this week!

Dying to Watch | This new Netflix show coming out in July…I’ve been running seriously low on shows to watch! (probably a sign that I should go outside and enjoy more of this incredible weather…) and this list of even more shows to binge this summer.

Sweat-Proof Hairstyles | I literally can’t do more than four hairstyles to save my life…but I’m determined to learn a few more of these summer hairstyles to help beat the heat and keep my hair from drenching in sweat all summer long. Some of them look super simple!

My Favorite New Sunnies – for $29 | I posted a picture on Instagram the other day with my new favorite sunnies, and got so many questions about where they’re from! You can shop all of my outfits right here, but these sunnies are too good not to share twice (plus, they’re so cheap!)

The Next Big Thing | I absolutely loved Grace Vanderwaal’s performance on America’s Got Talent, and couldn’t stop watching the original song she performed…so when I stumbled upon this on YouTube the other day, I got chills! She is AMAZING!

One Hotel Room, 13 Cities | Anyone who knows me knows that I have a strange obsession with all of the futuristic and cool technologies and ideas that pop up all over the internet…this one has me really excited. Elon Musk came up with a Hyperloop hotel that will let you travel between 13 cities in the U.S. through a portable hotel room. You have to see it to believe it! 


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