5 Grilling Tips for Beginners

One of the most exciting parts when moving to my new apartment a year ago was having a patio and my very first grill! Granted, my grilling experience at that point amounted to little more than halfway observing my dad while sipping on some wine and distractedly texting…but everyone has to start somewhere!
We ended up opting for this electric grill to help us avoid the cost (and struggle of carrying) a big kerosene tank or lugging bags of charcoal around, plus this just seemed like the most beginner-friendly option. For those reasons, I highly recommend this grill for the size, shape, and ease of use, however…it also has some definite cons. It can lose its temperature really easily, so looking at the reviews of some other similar electric options would definitely be wise! 
I’ve come a long way with my grilling skills and recipes since then, and now that summer is finally here I thought it would be fun to share some of the best and most basic tips for grilling in case you’re just starting out, or have been looking for the motivation to! Most of these are, of course, courtesy of my dad, who happens to be an amazing cook.
1. Oil the Grill Before Each Use | The last thing you want is meat sticking to the grill when it is time to flip. Take a paper towel soaked in oil and brush it along the grate with tongs, or use a marinating tool to do this. A little bit goes a long way, just be sure to cover the whole grilling surface you plan to use.
2. Never Grill Anything Straight from the Freezer | Fun mistake #1 that we made with our new grill! Definitely plan ahead and be sure to thaw out any meat or vegetables you’re planning on grilling, and if it starts to get too warm beforehand you can always toss it into the fridge to keep cool until you’re ready. 
3. Avoid Over-Flipping | For consistent taste and temperature, try to only flip meat once on the grill, about halfway through the cooking process. This will keep everything even, allow it to cook fully, and help avoid certain areas being over and undercooked. 
4. Anything That Touches Raw Meat Should Be Used Once Only | The GOLDEN rule of grilling that my taught me from day one is to be insanely, overly cautious when it comes to handling raw meat. If you use a pair of tongs to touch the raw meat, don’t use them again later while cooking. This can transfer raw meat juices and make you very sick. Wash your hands frequently, after each time you handle the raw meat, and try to avoid touching it with your bare hands as much as possible. Better safe than sick, right?!
5. Don’t be Afraid to Experiment | Grilling is for so much more than just meat, guys! My two favorite recipes include a garlic asparagus recipe or grilled vegetable or pineapple skewers. There are so many super simple recipes out there (try my Pinterest board for grilling!) and if raw meat intimidates you, these are great ways to get comfortable with the grill, first. 

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    Katherine and Brandon Swain
    June 9, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    We are HUGE grillers! However, since moving to our new house, we don't have a grill yet!! I have to say that I'm missing it so much. Your post has reminded me of why I love it!

    Katherine |

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