Weekend at the Kentucky Derby!

Last weekend was one of the best times I’ve had in ages, and I’m still sad that it’s over! Being able to be home surrounded by so many friends and family members, including family friends we’ve known since I was a baby was such a blast and something I get to do very rarely these days.

I already went into a little bit of detail about our Friday activities and our visit to the Bourbon Distillery, but that was only the beginning of the weekend! I’ve been to many Derby races in my lifetime, but this one was hands down the most fun I have ever had. 

After taking a few years off, it was nice and refreshing to come back together with everyone I haven’t seen these last couple of years and more importantly to show Dalton around and take him to his first Derby! Having him there really topped off the entire weekend. 

Unfortunately, the weather was not exactly on our side for most of the weekend, but we didn’t let that stop us! Friday night we attended my close family friend’s annual Oaks Day party (for those who don’t know, Oaks is the race day before Derby and is really just as important as Derby itself! It is the day that the female horses, fillies, race for their big day and the whole event is pink-themed for Breast Cancer Awareness!)

We played a little but of Musical Hats, too! Looks like I didn’t get the rain boot memo…

I was overwhelmed by how many people were in attendance that I was excited to catch up with, and we ended up staying up way later than planned because I just couldn’t pull myself away. We had an early morning on Saturday, though, so we did finally call it a night to get some rest.
Saturday we kicked off the morning with a huge party at my best friend’s house, where all of my high school friends gathered and brought along their significant others and college friends to make the crowd an unforgettable bunch. We snacked on some breakfast treats and made some morning cocktails before boarding the bus to head down to the track for the real festivities!

Of course, I had to snap some pictures with our wonderful hosts!

This year we opted for Infield tickets, and we knew it was going to be one muddy day. Luckily we were prepared! In the moments that the sun did come out, the weather was absolutely gorgeous and everyone’s moods would lift – you could feel the energy in the air around you.

Truth be told – if you’re attending the Derby with Infield tickets, there is a high probability that you won’t even see a single horse the entire day, unless you go visit the Paddock or look up on the big screens. We still had an amazing time, and headed home weary, rain-soaked, and excited for hot showers and some delicious food. 

The first thing Dalton and I agreed on while we were exiting the track? The Infield was great, but we would be attending in the Grandstands next year! If you’ve never been to the Derby, you have to make it a bucket list item. It’s unforgettable!


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    Erin N
    May 11, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    This sounds so fun! I love your outfit.

    Erin // Plaid & Pearls

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