How I Make Sunday My Most Productive Day of the Week

I’m firmly a member of the group of people who believe there needs to be a day between Saturday and Sunday. With everything that needs to get done and ready for the week, it feels like 1/3 of the weekend is solely dedicated to organizing, planning and errands!
That being said, there are few better feelings than having everything set up and organized for a great week ahead and starting things off on the right foot. The difference it makes in my week when I have a day to meal prep, exercise, clean the apartment, and work on blogging (among other things) is seriously amazing. 
It can be all too tempting to lounge around in bed, indulge in a late brunch, and push off those errand-like tasks to another day, but I’ve found a few really great ways to make sure that Sunday ends up being my most productive day of the entire week – while still enjoying myself and getting in a little bit of relaxation, of course! 
I thought I’d share some of my best tips for starting the week off right and taking back Sundays for yourself! Your Monday-Friday mindset will thank you…

Tackle The Biggest Tasks First | We all tend to put off whatever chores or errands are our least favorites as long as possible, especially on a Sunday. As tough as it might be, do them very first thing and get them out of the way so that they aren’t weighing on you all day long. You’ll feel much more motivated to finish whatever else is on your list if you’ve already done the big stuff first, and you’ll be able to enjoy your day so much more! (For me, this is grocery shopping. Can’t stand walking there and back with the big heavy bags…only one more month until a Target grocery opens up around the corner, though!

Set Yourself Up For Success | The difference in the type of week I have is frighteningly dependent upon how I make use of my Sunday. Taking care of things like planning out my blog posts, having a clean room and an empty laundry hamper, making my lunches to take to work, and knocking out time-consuming chores or errands means that after a long day of work I’ll be able to unwind and relax every night. Think about everything you need to accomplish in the next 7 days. How much of that can be done on Sunday, freeing up the rest of your weeknights? That is where your Sunday to-do list should come from!
Combine & Conquer | The number one key to my success, both personally and professionally, relies on my multi-tasking. On any given evening or Sunday (including right now writing this post!) you can find me drafting a blog post, editing photos, catching up with friends via text, responding to emails, catching up on my favorite shows, and eating dinner. It might sound like too much at once, but it allows me to cross so many more things off of my list! Anything you can do while multi-tasking on a Sunday will help you increase productivity like crazy. 
Allow Time to Reset | Taking some time with a beverage of your choice, some candles, and a peaceful, clean and relaxing environment will allow you to decompress from the past week and start fresh for the days ahead of you. I try to take this time each Sunday to write out what my goals are for the week. It could be something as simple as drinking more water, or something big like a major project I’ve been working on that I want to complete. Having those goals written out and at the top of your mind before a new week will help you re-dedicate yourself to them.
That’s really it! There’s no secret formula or magic trick to making sure you accomplish what you need to every Sunday, but having focus and motivation to actually get organized and set for a new week will have you feeling ten times better every morning when you wake up to start a new day. 
Give it a try for one month, each Sunday, and you’ll be amazed how much better you feel!

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