Essentials of the Week!

Tomorrow, I’m packing up and heading off to the Outer Banks for a week and I could not be more excited! This week has felt particularly slow because I’ve been counting down the minutes until this trip, and it’s finally almost here!

I haven’t been back to the Outer Banks since I was a lot younger, so I’m really looking forward to exploring and getting some much-needed relaxation time. If anyone has any suggestions for the North Topsail Beach area, please comment them below! Restaurants, beach spots, little stores or even the best ice cream…I’d love to go exploring!

Here are my essentials for the week:

1. 73 Questions with Selena | Selena Gomez is quite possibly my favorite celebrity, or at the very least she’s in my top 3. She seems so down-to-earth and funny to me, and I loved this video preview of 73 random questions she answered. You can catch the full version here!

2. My New Go-To Cami | Anytime I can find an adorable, well-fitting staple piece of clothing that also has a great price point, I can’t help but scoop it up in a few colors. This cami is so perfect for layering year round, and I’ve been wearing it nonstop since I ordered it last week!

3. The Way We All Feel about Air Travel | Airlines have gotten a lot of attention lately for crazy incidents that have happened on board, but this sweet two-year-old summarizes a problem we’ve all experienced on a flight before – passengers who want to chat the whole flight! She had me cracking up.

4. Wind-Proof Dresses | I’ve already had one or two near-flashing incidents these last few weeks with warmer weather and a much-too-windy day for some dresses of mine…so when I heard that this adorable maxi dress actually has built-in shorts to keep you worry-free, I couldn’t resist. Super budget-friendly, too!

5. Protecting the Castle | In keeping with my beach travels tomorrow, I couldn’t resist sharing at this sweet puppy and his outrage at the ocean for ruining his carefully dug sandcastle/hole. What a sweetie!


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