Essentials of the Week!

Chicago has had the most amazing weather this week, and I have been loving every second of it! I’ve been trying to soak up as much outdoors time as possible to take it all in while I can – you never know when Midwest weather is going to turn on you! (Of course, as I’m typing this I go to check the weather report for the weekend, and we have nonstop rain. Maybe I jinxed it?!)
On Monday, I finally completed my 100th class of Pure Barre, and I was so proud of myself! I already have a goal to hit 250 classes in the same amount (or less) time than it took me to get to this point, and I’ve managed to head there every single day this week. It’s so refreshing to have a workout that I’m dedicated to, and that I never ever dread attending!
Nothing too exciting going on this weekend – especially after that weather report, jeez – but I’m likely going to spend it curled up inside and working on some new content for all of you while I’m in the Outer Banks for Memorial Week! If you have any posts you’d love to see appear on here, comment below and let me know!
Here are my essentials of the week!
1. Draper James Q&A | I know I already shared the new Draper James collection with Nordstrom yesterday, but I couldn’t resist sharing this Q&A with Reese Witherspoon about the collection, her brand, and her overall life philosophies. It made her a lot more relatable and likable in my mind!

2. My Favorite Summer Sandal Just Went On Sale | I’ve been slowly building up my shoe collection in recent years now that I’ve gotten over my irrational fear of heels, and these adorable sandals shot straight to the top of my shopping list when warm weather came back around. The best part? They’re not too tall, and are casual enough to dress up or down however you want! 
3. Home Is Where The Most Convenient Place to Find Wine Is | Just kidding. Kind of. It IS moving season for a lot of people though, and I’m hearing about so many friends either renewing their leases or struggling to find greener pastures around the city, so these tips for picking out a new neighborhood are well-timed!

4. Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun | I was cracking up laughing at this video of this sweet pup getting in on the exercise fun – I don’t know how everyone next to that was able to keep going!

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