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Getting back into the swing of things this week to me a few extra days, but I’m really excited to have a few weeks in a row at home before we head off to the Outer Banks. I still can’t get over the fact that it is already May, and we’re practically halfway through!
Time is flying by faster than ever, and summer plans seem to be coming in right and left. There are a lot of exciting things coming up on the calendar, so I’m planning on taking these next few weeks to focus on myself and take care of a few things that seem to have taken up permanent residence on my to-do list…oops. 
My parents are currently making their way up from Florida to Traverse City, MI where they live in the summer and they’ve been sending me the funniest pictures of Rufus and Wrigley. I couldn’t resist sharing the below photo of them near the beach – they look like cotton balls! I can’t wait to see them (and my parents, of course) in Michigan later this summer.
1. Starbucks Is At It Again | As if we didn’t all have enough excitement (and for some people, stress) in tracking down the Starbucks and Lilly Pulitzer Collaboration cups, it looks like they’re spicing things up again this summer with a collaboration that is LA-themed and looks insanely adorable so far! No word yet on exactly when it will be released, but I personally can’t wait to see!
2. Two Brands Colliding | As I’m sure it blew up on many people news feeds early this week, I could not believe my eyes when I saw that Coach is purchasing Kate Spade. Personally…I’m way less than thrilled. I feel that Coach was outgrown years and years ago, and clearly their sales are reflective of that. The biggest disappointment of all? They already announced they’ll be getting rid of the Kate Spade flash sales!
3. The Perfect Summer Sweater | I just scooped up this sweater for our trip to the Outer Banks over Memorial Weekend, and I’m already envisioning all the ways I plan on wearing it! It seems to be pretty lightweight, and I love that it is oversized. Chilly beach nights will be the perfect time to break it out and listen to the waves. 
4. The Solution to Finding the Perfect Fitting Jeans | I’ve struggled for many years over finding the perfect pair of jeans (until I found these, and now own several!) but this denim shop took “perfect fit” to a whole new level. Building your own custom pair that is expertly designed by you, and made to fit in the best possible way?! Sign me up! 
5. Stepping Into Adulthood | Believe it or not, I’ve recently had a few friends (some even younger than me) that they are in the process of buying their first home! Personally, few things sound more overwhelming to me…but it sounds like Zillow is working to make the process less intimidating and more geared towards Millenials with a new site specifically for those buying their first home!

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