Spring Cleaning My Closet!

I have a small confession to make…I have really only gone through my closet and gotten rid of clothes once in my life. No seriously…

All throughout high school and college, I always managed to convince myself that I would wear something again. Even for the items that I knew I was done with, I didn’t want to throw them out until I could replace them with something. I did a slight overhaul when I graduated college that I felt pretty proud of…at the time. 
In recent weeks, I’ve suddenly become completely fed up with how overstuffed my closet is with items I haven’t touched since the first half of college! Life lesson number one: Just because an item was expensive, or well-loved at the time, does not mean you keep it five years after you stop wearing it. Oops. My bad. 
That’s as far as I’m going to admit because I have fallen way too far down this hoarding rabbit hole of clothes to go into further detail, but I think you get the point. That’s why this past weekend I blocked off my entire calendar and promised myself I would go through the strictest closet overhaul of my life – and I’m never looking back!

I ended up being able to get rid of over FIVE garbage bags worth of clothes! More importantly, my closet has never had so much space. I had some pretty major anxiety moments of – “oh my gosh, I am not going to have a single thing to wear ever!” but realistically, I’m not wearing these things anyway. They’re actually blocking me from being able to see what I do wear, and now I’ll be able to put together great outfits so much easier by seeing what can go together!

I tried to follow a general set of rules during the cleanout process, and overall they guided me away from hanging on to a few items that had no place in my wardrobe:

1. Have I worn it in the last year? Some people follow this rule a little bit more strictly, such as six months, but I wanted to account for certain seasonal items.

2. Would I buy this in a store today? This one by far helped me get rid of the most items. SO many things in my closet are not my style at all anymore, and I realized I wouldn’t even give them a second glance in a store, nonetheless shell out money for it.

3. Do I have anything similar to this that I prefer/wear more often? I had a pretty long period of time where I was buying a lot of very similar items. This isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, but do I really need to own 3 or 4 white t-shirts when I only reach for my favorite one every single time? Not exactly.

These three simple rules were pretty game-changing for me, who tends to want to hang on to every little thing that I once loved (even if I don’t love it anymore). For the few remaining items I kept trying to sneak into the ‘maybe’ pile, knowing full well it didn’t belong there, I imagined that one of my friends was there overseeing the process and asked myself if she’d let me keep it or not. Hint: she wouldn’t, for any of them. 

I wasn’t expecting to get much in terms of selling items, but every little bit helps, and I treated myself to a few new pieces from Zara with the earnings. 
My next goal is to be way more mindful of what gets put into my wardrobe. I want classic staple pieces that all bring something unique and important to my closet. I’ll be talking more on that in another post, but I’m really excited about what’s to come, and about continuing to rid myself of clutter that I don’t truly need! 

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    Evelina Snell
    April 19, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    An easy way to keep only what you do actually wear is to turn all of your hangers around so that you are hanging your clothes from the back of the closet rod. As you wear an item put it back on the hanger and hang up from the front. After how ever long you decide, 6 months or a year, etc, the hanger for whatever you haven't worn is still facing the wrong way – donate or sell those items. It is so easy!

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