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Essentials of the Week

This week went by pretty quickly, and I’m lucky enough to be sitting with some of my very best friends (some of whom I haven’t seen in over a YEAR) in Oxford back on Miami’s campus for what I *believe* will be the very last time (at least until I have kids who want to tour the campus, a million years from now). 
I still absolutely adore Oxford and Miami, but I think it’s definitely time to stop coming here so often! It’s all too tempting with friends still on campus, and I truly forgot how beautiful it is during the spring, so being here this weekend is a special treat. I’m planning on savoring every minute of it!

Here are my essentials of this week.

1. A Unique Tour of My CityThis video of a bird hitching a ride on a car as the man drives around Chicago was too cute, and I loved the man’s reaction! That’s one way to see the city!
2. The Solution to Coffee StainsI’m not a coffee drinker, but plenty of my friends are, and they often commiserate about the fact that it’s so frustrating that it stains your teeth. This clear coffee that just came out seems a little too good to be true – so someone who drinks coffee needs to try it and let me know if it still tastes great…I’m so curious!
3. The Perfect Tank for Summer – Tassels? Check. Seersucker? Check. The most adorable top for spring and summer? You bet. I need this in my closet asap!
4. Seven Positive Steps for This Week – I love the idea of this cute little printable with a “to-do” set aside for each day of the week to bring some positivity and health into your life and routine. If you’ve been looking for a reset, give this a try on Monday!
5. Pretty Blue Espadrilles – The moment I saw these online the other night, I knew they had climbed to the very top of my current wish list. I was immediately envisioning all of the different outfits I’d wear them with this summer, and that blue is just so pretty! 

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