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Books To Read This Summer!

Nothing makes me love Chicago in the spring and summer quite like reading by the water or sitting on the back patio of my apartment with some wine and a good book. Truthfully, my reading has taken a bit of a pause with how busy things have been on my travel schedule, but now that things are slowing down I’m getting more and more excited for all of the upcoming days I’ll spend curled up with a book somewhere. 
Here’s what I’ve been reading (and loving) lately!

1. You – Caroline Kepnes | This one really messed with my mind…in a good way! I’m still loving the psychological thriller style novels, and this one certainly had me on edge. It follows a similar concept to what you’d expect from a ‘Gone Girl’, but is told from the perspective of the villain. The really mind-warping part is that you find yourself cheering for him the entire time, and getting frustrated when things don’t go his way! 
plus the sequel…
2. Hidden Bodies – Caroline Kepnes | This is the sequel to ‘You’, and it surprised me how different the two books seemed. Still very similar in concept as you continue to follow the main character Joe, but overall I think I actually much preferred this follow-up. If you enjoy the first, definitely continue reading. 
3. Small Admissions – Amy Poeppel | I picked this one up when I was looking for a light, amusing and easy read for my recent beach travels. It didn’t blow me out of the water, and in the beginning I even found myself thinking it was a tad boring, but suddenly before I knew it, I couldn’t put it down! I ended up finishing it in two days and really enjoyed it overall. If you feel bored like me in the beginning, I would recommend giving it a little more time. I loved this insider look into the confusing and baffling world of admissions into Upper East Side NYC early education…it was hilarious!
4. Only Ever Yours – Louise O’Neill | Unlike anything else I’ve ever really read, I was totally absorbed into this book from the moment I read the description. The story describes a world where women are not created naturally anymore, and are instead ‘designed’ and raised in a school where they are taught to become the perfect ‘companion’ for men, an instructor for the school, or what could only be compared to a twisted version of a prostitute. The world this author created was so bizarre, and yet it mimicked and pointed out a lot of the major feminist issues today in a really creative way. 

5. The Assistants | I loved (and was surprised) at how weirdly relatable this book was. Not relatable in the sense that it’s something that has ever happened to anyone, but in the sense that I could totally understand from the beginning how the main character got into the whole mess in the first place. Being the assistant to the most powerful and wealthy media mogul in the world, $20,000 is a really small amount to some, and a huge amount to a regular 20-something trying to pay off her student loan debt. The rabbit hole she falls into was really just the beginning…and I loved what a light and fun read this was!
I have a feeling that now that things are warming up, I’ll be spending more and more weekend afternoons along the lakeshore and on my patio with a good book, so I’m sure I’ll be adding more and more books to my list very soon! 
Does anyone have any great reading suggestions they’ve picked up lately? I’m always looking for new books to try and add to my list!


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  • Reply
    April 24, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    I've had The Assistants on my list FOREVER and hopefully I'll get to it soon. Have you read The Futures or The Knockoff or The Hopefuls yet? I LOVED all of those, and they're in the same category as The Assistants – you can relate, but it's still a great story, and the characters are all fantastic!!

    • Reply
      Olivia Tennant
      April 24, 2017 at 2:53 pm

      Definitely read it soon! It was a quick read for me, but I really enjoyed it. I haven't read those yet, but The Futures has been on my list! I'll add the other ones too, thanks for the suggestions!

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