A New Standard for Makeup + Skincare

Skincare has always been one of those “mystery” topics to me. I’ve never had a skincare routine beyond leaving it completely alone, because with my incredibly sensitive skin and fairly clear complexion, anytime I tried to use any products it resulted in disaster. Why try to fix something that isn’t already broken, I suppose!

That being said, one of my big personal goals this year was to find a few products to try that will start taking care of my skin for the long-term and aging process that won’t cause any allergic reactions or negative side effects. 
So far, it’s safe to say I’ve had some unsuccessful attempts (more on that later), but I’ve finally found one line of products that is really working for me. 
I recently received a “Home Try On” kit of Onomie Beauty (don’t worry, this post isn’t sponsored – I just truly loved the results I saw after a recommendation from a friend!) I told my friend Dakota that my dark circles were completely out of control these days, and I’m hardly a makeup guru so I’ve been at a bit of a loss as to where to begin. 
I loved the idea of a home try-on kit with a few different shades and options so that I could figure out which one was best for my skin tone. What really sold me on the brand though? The lengths that the brand goes through to ensure that their makeup not only has skincare benefits, but that they can back up those claims with clinical trials and solid facts.
If you’re still hesitant about branching out – they’ve covered you there. You can go online to find your current concealer color, and they will tell you which shade is your best match using their Shade Translator!
They cycle all of their products through a third-party testing lab to ensure that they genuinely have the positive effects on your skin that they claim. Fun Fact? There is nothing that requires cosmetic companies to be approved by the FDA, meaning that they don’t have to actually deliver on those promises to “transform” your skin! Onomie takes care to provide the promised results, anyway.
Makeup was a new undertaking for me only 2 years ago…beyond the bare basics, I knew nothing. I’m essentially at the same starting position now with skincare, so being able to use a product that combines both and spares me from having to learn a whole new line of products and routines? I’m sold!
The concealer has definitely been the biggest game-changer for me, which is great considering my dark circles were what prompted me to seek out some new products in the first place! I’ve never used a liquid concealer before, so it took me a few tries to get the hang of blending, but now I’m loving it and already ordered my next bottle!

Highlighters are something I’ve barely broken into in the makeup world, but with some instruction via Facetime from Dakota (she’s a lifesaver) I’ve been incorporating this into my daily makeup routine now! Despite the fact that I don’t have overly fair skin, I’ve been using the lovelace shade and it has given me a perfect dewy glow to top off my everyday look. 

I truthfully have no problems whatsoever with my standard primer, which is Bare Minerals, but knowing that this one is doing some extra leg work to take care of my skin has me reaching for it more often than not lately. I don’t think I’ll fully remove Bare Minerals from my makeup bag, but I like having this one on hand! 
If you want to try out their awesome at-home starter kit to find your shades and see what all the hype is about, just follow this link and get started! 

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